5 Fun Activities to Help Defeat Summer Boredom


The dog days of summer have arrived, and it’s easy to get tired of the same old outdoor activities! After a few cookouts, all the food starts tasting the same. Promises made with friends in the spring to get together are pushed out to the fall. The conversation seems repetitive, relating to how this summer is […]

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How Hurricanes Impact You: a Hurricane Preparedness Infographic


Sure, this summer hasn’t seen much hurricane activity, and the 2013 Hurricane Season was much lighter than projections anticipated. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared in case a hurricane is headed your way. All it takes is one bad storm to throw your whole world out of whack. That’s why we’ve created this […]

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9 Fun Family Vacation Destinations in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York

Grace the Bald Eagle image courtesy of

Growing up, the word “vacation” elicited nearly as much excitement as waiting for Christmas to finally arrive. Going on vacation meant no school and no boring chores to do around the house. Now that I’m planning things, “vacation” doesn’t elicit the same feelings –  just stress about picking the perfect location, arranging the activities, and of […]

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Embrace Your Extension Cords with 3 Ideas for Clever Wall Art

Wire Blooms

In today’s homes, an increasing number of electronic devices provides all sorts of entertainment options. However, one dilemma you face with these electronics are the cables:  they are everywhere! A wire spaghetti monster sprouts from your entertainment center, behind your computer, or worse, at your bedside, waiting to trip you up! Thankfully, you can tame the cords and cables with a little […]

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Tesla!


Take a moment today in front of one of your home electrical outlets and pause in grateful reflection. Nikola Tesla was born on this date 158 years ago in Smiljan, Croatia. Not only was Tesla a mathematical genius, physicist, futurist, engineer, and prolific inventor, but his work on alternating current (AC) set the standard that […]

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Have (Responsible) Fun in the Water: 7 Tips for Pool Safety


When I was a kid, the most annoying summer sound was the neighborhood pool lifeguard blowing “TWWEEEEET” on her whistle and shouting, “No running!” Of course, having slipped and fallen a few thousand times since then, I know that painful things happen when you’re not careful. Pools might be lots of fun, but they are […]

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Life Hacks to Save Money: What to Buy in July

Crumpled $100 Bill image courtesy of Tax Credits. https://www.flickr.com/photos/76657755@N04/

People enjoy life hacks for several reasons, but we like them for their money saving properties. Better yet, websites like DealNews.com and Lifehacker provide lots of money-saving tips on a regular basis, specifically by recommending a yearly timeline of when you should purchase certain items. These websites monitor prices all year to discover big discounts […]

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Celebrating the 4th of July in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York

BE - 4th of july

The 4th of July is almost here, and I cannot wait! This is one of my favorite holidays because, for one day, Americans join together to celebrate how awesome this country is and reflect on how far we’ve come. So, this year, join in the celebration and take some time to appreciate our great country. Here are […]

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Connect with Bounce Energy to Benefit the Periwinkle Foundation


With summer in full swing, children everywhere have been enjoying the fun that this time of year brings. But some kids aren’t afforded that same opportunity due to illnesses like cancer. That’s why Bounce Energy is teaming up with the Periwinkle Foundation to support this organizations’ efforts to provide programs to children and families challenged by […]

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7 Tips for Energy Efficient Pool Maintenance


The average pool owner knows all-too-well the challenge of keeping their pools (and spas) clean. Many, however, are just beginning to learn how difficult and expensive that can be due to the amount of energy they’re using.  The two biggest energy-using components effecting cleanliness are the filter pump and the pool heater. In some pools, these […]

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