Spice Up Football and Food with 5 Recipes for Your Big Game Party

Spice Up Football and Food with 5 Recipes for Your Big Game Party

It’s T-minus two days until the Big Game. Millions of people are getting ready to watch two teams fight to prove who’s the best, plus you can enjoy Katy Perry’s halftime performance and the always entertaining Super Bowl commercials. It’s an evening people get excited to celebrate.  If you are one of the thousands that […]

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Check Out 7 Top Energy-Saving Gadgets from CES 2015

CES 2015 Logo courtesy of BGR.com.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show took place earlier this past month to much anticipation. Yet, apart from drones roaming about the displays with GoPros strapped to them, there wasn’t much overt buzz about the energy-saving gadgets. However, if you knew where to look, there were actually lots of innovative products showcasing how you could save you both time and […]

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Get Healthy at Home with 5 Exercises You Can Do Around the House


Let’s face it: life can get busy, and sometimes we can’t make it or don’t want to make it the gym. It’s loud, crowded, and you can find yourself waiting forever for the elliptical machine. But who needs the gym when you get a workout from home? After you’ve completed a few “deskercises” at work, […]

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Live and Save Green in Winter with These 3 Helpful Tips


While it’s true that I grew up in the Northeast, I’m not exactly one for the cold. For the first 3 years that we lived in Texas, I was happy to endure those 105º days as it meant a relatively mild winter. However, it is inevitable that some cold weather will eventually descend upon us […]

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Get Healthy at Work with 5 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk


By now, you’ve probably heard about research showing that sitting for long hours at your desk may increase your risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and emotional distress. But given the nature of most work environments, there isn’t much that can be done about this. Thus we’ve come up with 5 fun desk […]

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Kick Off the New Year in Good Health with 4 Tasty Recipes

BE - NY recipe kale

“Lose Weight.” That declaration tops many New Year’s Resolutions each year. Healthy eating and exercise are the two key components to achieving this resolution, but our busy modern lives create roadblocks to reaching that goal. While I can’t be there to motivate you to exercise, I can provide some quick and healthy recipes to help you eat healthier – no matter how […]

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4 Quirky Upcycling Ideas for Creative Re-Gifting


The amount of “stuff” you accumulate over the years from birthdays, the holidays, and other gift-giving events can lead to an insane amount of waste. These unused/unwanted items get shoved into the dark depths of your closet or stashed in some miscellaneous drawer. Instead of continuing to waste space with those various items (or throwing them into […]

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4 Essential Cold Weather Moving Tips for a Successful Moving Day


The winter is one of the best times to move. Since the demand is typically lower than at other times of the year, people can find deals on moving truck rentals or hiring movers. Though it is a great time in the sense of availability and price, there are some safety issues people need to be […]

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4 Creative Ways to Go Green in 2015


January 1st marks the start of resolution season. For many well-intentioned folks, the vast majority of our personal commitments to betterment fade quickly, but unlike that gym membership that will sit unused, keeping your New Year’s Resolution to be environmentally friendly is critical. Finding a way forward requires a realistic plan with meaningful results, so to give […]

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The Holidays are Over! 4 Steps to Start Cleaning Your Home!


The months of holiday festivities have finally come to a close, so it’s time to get your house clean! Inevitably, after all the parties, holidays, and guests, you’re going to be left with far more than what you began with, not to mention dust bunnies hopping in places you rarely see, so let’s get cracking […]

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