5 Tips for a Fun and Safe Halloween Trick-or-Treating with Young Children


I have to confess: Halloween is a holiday I totally live vicariously through my son. This also extends to the hordes of happy neighborhood kids who line the streets hoping for a not-so-subtle sugar buzz by 9:30 pm on October 31st – much to the chagrin of parents trying to get their kids off to bed. […]

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Crafts and Candy – It’s Halloween on Pinterest!

Halloween on Pinterest

The final countdown to Halloween is on! With only a few days left, it’s time for last-minute planning, costume making, craft building, and tasty Halloween-related cooking! We’ve been loving Pinterest this month with all the fun and spirited ideas we’ve found. Check out our Pinterest page for ideas for your festivities, but in the meantime, […]

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Your Favorite Halloween Treat is Here – a $50 Gift Card for New Customers!


With Halloween only 3 days away, we know there will be trickery around every corner. From ghoulish games to spooky surprises, it’s a night to dress up, have fun, and eat delicious candy treats! This year, Bounce Energy is getting into the spirit (no, not a ghost!) by handing out your favorite Halloween treat: a $50 gift […]

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7 Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating with Big Kids

Halloween is supposed to be fun. When it comes to trick-or-treating, your big kids should know the drill: which routes are safest, which houses to visit, which houses to stay away from, and more. Still, when it comes to wrangling a horde of giggling, candy-crazed tweens and teenagers on a dark Halloween night, it’s easy to […]

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6 Fun & Inexpensive Halloween Treats


Between the decorations, costumes and candy, Halloween can be a pretty expensive holiday. But it turns out that not everything Halloween related has to be costly. With these fun and inexpensive Halloween treats, you can keep the festive spirit without breaking the bank. Tiny Witches Hats. This is one of my favorite treats because it’s […]

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My Favorite Fall Foliage Tours in NY and PA


Long ago in Pennsylvania, my parents packed all us kids up in the car and took us on a fall day trip meandering up and over Blue Mountain, past Pottsville, and onwards to the anthracite hinterlands of Ashland —a landscape that had always been described to us as raw, poor, and grim. Yet, once we […]

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5 Tips to Make Your House Kid-Friendly for Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween

BE - safe halloween

You have the Halloween costumes – Check. The Halloween candy? – Double Check. Some fun, festive Halloween decorations outside? – Triple Check! By the look of it, you’re ready for Halloween. Or are you? What you may not be prepared for is maintaining the safety of your little visitors. There are some potential safety hazards […]

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Plan Spotlight: Executive and Preferred Membership Plans


Looking for something new and interesting from your favorite Texas electricity company? Wanting a fresh twist on the traditional idea of what an electricity plan could be? Look no further than the Executive Membership and Preferred Membership plans from Bounce Energy! These 2 brand-new offerings deliver the same fixed-rate price security that you’ve come to know […]

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3 Ways to Create Family Fun with Fall Leaves


With the beautiful autumn weather comes plenty of beautiful falling leaves. There’s such an array of colors to enjoy, from radiant reds to glowing golds, and many shades in between. After awhile, though, they start to pile up on your lawn. Usually, people rake up all the leaves into a nice big pile, stuff them in a plastic garbage […]

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Announcing the Winner of the August 2014 Bounce Energy Refer-a-Friend Contest


Last month, we held a Refer-A-Friend contest where our customers had the chance to win a $1,000 Visa gift card by referring the most friends to become new Bounce Energy customers. After reviewing and tallying up the most referrals in August, the winner of the $1,000 Visa gift card is… Kimberley F. of Blue Ridge, […]

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