Spring & Summer 2015: Weather Forecast & Your Energy Bill


Cold temperatures and new blankets of snow or ice in some parts of the country argue that winter’s not done yet. With Easter hopping into town on April 5, a lot of folks in the northeast are hoping their local egg hunt won’t get cancelled by a sudden blizzard. This past winter, the western states […]

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Green Living Can be Fun AND Practical


Over the past 15 months, I’ve had a lot of fun blogging on a wide variety of green topics, including green living and green upgrades to your home. But one thing holds true for nearly every topic that I’ve brought forward: they cost money. As first time homeowners on a single income (I’m a stay-at-home […]

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Get Out Your Green Thumb! 7 Spring Tips for the Inexperienced Gardener


Though the fives inches of fresh snow in the areas of Pennsylvania and New York try to tell us all otherwise, Spring has SPRUNG! That means gardening season is lurking beneath the brown leaf litter outside. Time to begin planning your plantings. But if you’re still a newbie and aren’t really sure where to start, […]

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5 EASY Energy Efficiency Projects to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring


Spring has sprung! All that sunshine and longer days gives you time to tackle jobs around your home that not only might fix problems but help save you money off your energy bill. Pick a warm weekend and let’s get cracking! 1. Clean out those rain gutters and downspouts. From a storm that drops one […]

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Putting the Fun in Functional: 4 Yummy Recipes Your Kids Can Make over Spring Break

Photo from foodnetwork.com

With a week off from school, spring break is a fun time for kidsl. However for parents, it can be expensive and a bit tiring trying to keep kids busy and away from turning into TV zombies.  Plus, as parents have learned, when kids are home on school break, they tend to use that time […]

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An Extra Hour of Sun and Fun: 5 Family Activities for Enjoying Daylight Savings!

Gardening with children

How often do you say ‘I wish there were more hours in the day’? A time or two I bet! With daylight savings time kicking in this weekend, it feels like we do get more hours in the day. And we love springing that clock forward at Bounce Energy! The extra hour of sunshine changes […]

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Budget-Friendly Spring Break Spots for the Family in Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania

There’s a certain magic surrounding spring break as it gives families a much needed chance to take a refreshing time-out from the usual hustle and bustle following the holiday season. For one week each spring, parents and children from around the country pack their bags and head off for some new adventures, and like most of […]

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Bounce Energy Springs into Action to Support St. Jude’s Ranch


Organizations that serve the needs of children have our hearts at Bounce Energy!  With spring upon us, we are springing into action to support St. Jude’s Ranch, an incredible organization that for 45 years has cared for abused, abandoned, and neglected children. Bounce Energy staff members visited the Ranch recently in central Texas and returned […]

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Dress for the Light


AGHHHHGHGHGH!!! That’s what you’ve been saying since last night if you’ve seen the now-infamous “Blue and Black” / “White and Gold” #TheDress kerfuffle.. I never feel this way about a dress! When I put one on, I feel more beautiful, more put-together. You toss it on and you go, and everyone thinks you look fantastic, right? […]

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5 Tips for Weather-Ready Emergency Planning


With winter weather hammering the Northeast, and tornado season quickly approaching in the South and Midwest, now is a great time to begin thinking about disaster preparedness. Specifically, let’s discuss some DIY ways to stare down the fury of Mother Nature. First things first, this will not be an exhaustive list of things you can make for […]

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