Wishing a Happy 8th Birthday to the Apple iPhone!


It was 2007, and BlackBerry had a firm hold over my tech-loving heart. It was a marvel to behold: the Internet was at my fingertips and all of my content was a track ball scroll away. Little did I know the digital world was about to be rocked a splendid new marvel of silicon and […]

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Celebrate the Fourth of July with Bounce Energy to Receive a Nest Learning Thermostat & More


People all over our great nation gather will spend this weekend celebrating that great day in 1776 when our Founding Fathers announced our freedom from Great Britain. Well, here at Bounce Energy, we want to commemorate the occasion by helping you gain your freedom from variable-rate electricity. When you sign your “John Hancock” to our […]

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Take Care of Your Favorite Gadgets with Great Waterproof Tech

What’s your case?

Splashy summertime fun at the beach and electronic gadgets don’t play well together. It doesn’t take much water to turn your smartphone into a fancy, expensive brick. But hydrophobic electronics shouldn’t be a reason to prevent you from enjoying yourself at the pool, beach, or campsite — not when solutions exist to keep those devices dry! No […]

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The Winner of the May 2015 Refer-a-Friend Contest is…


This past May, we held one of our famous Refer-a-Friend contests, where one of our lucky, loyal customers had the chance to receive a $1,000 Visa Gift Card by referring the most friends to Bounce Energy. We are happy to announce, that after gathering all of the May orders, the winner is… Yuk K. of […]

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LED Lighting Series Part II : Light Up Your Outdoors


In Part I of our series, we established LED lighting as the light of the future. But since we now know it uses far less energy than its fluorescent and incandescent counterparts, how do we bring it into the fold of our daily lives? More importantly, what are the benefits of this light fixture and bulb technology? […]

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Five Natural Popsicle Recipes to Enjoy in Summer

Growing A Green Family

It’s June, and what sounds better on a hot summer day than a refreshing, ice cold popsicle? Unfortunately, most popsicles found at the grocery store are full of unhealthy artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, and sugars. For a healthier take, try making your own popsicles with these five natural recipes. 1) Homemade Organic Watermelon Ice Pops Since […]

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Let’s Celebrate National Ice Cream Soda Day

Ice cream, root beer, and fun in the sun - sounds like June to me!

Believe it or not, there is an actual nationally designated day to honor the ice cream soda, and today – June 20th! – is that day. So, happy National Ice Cream Soda Day, everyone! What better way to cool down this hot June day than with a tasty ice cream soda? A Philadelphia pharmacist named […]

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Five Tech Gifts for Your Geek Dad on Father’s Day

Control both your new and old tech with one control.Image courtesy http://www.logitech.com

Ties are a clichéd  Father’s Day gift from a bygone era. They’ve been replaced by a host of gadget chargers, smart watches, tools for DIY projects, and the latest in technological devices. Awesome as some of them are, we decided to consult the World’s Coolest and Tech-Savviest Dad to find out five of the neatest and practical […]

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Better Know Your Electricity History Series, Part Five: Rules and Regulations

President Franklin Delano RooseveltImage courtesty of https://en.wikipedia.org

Even though the first incandescent light bulb lit up streets in 1879, it took 50 years for electrical service to enter only a fraction of American homes. By 1920, only 35% of American homes had electricity. Through the ’20s and ’30s, innovation and entrepreneurial genius expanded expanded service across the country — only to be […]

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Three Ways to Make Your Move a Little Greener


Let’s face it: moving stinks. You’ve accumulated all this stuff, shoved into every corner of your living space, and now you need to collect and transport it to a new home. And not only is it stressful and messy, it’s also a wasteful process that’s not environmentally friendly. Thankfully, making this ecologically hazardous process into a green one […]

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