Recycling Nearest You – Get There!

Where the Sam Hill do I recycle all this stuff?

Recycling is a must! It keeps waste out of the landfills, it replaces the need for raw materials for manufacturers (which lowers industrial pollution), helps keep air and water clean, and creates jobs. Naturally, it can get a little complicated since doing it right all depends on what you want to recycle and where you […]

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Your Summer Accessory: Our Top Six, Stylish Reusable Non-Plastic Water Bottles

bkr water bottle image

Have you ever taken a walk along a water way after a heavy rain? More times than not, the dominant source of residual trash left over from a deluge is plastic water bottles pushed downstream. It’s estimated that some billions of plastic water bottles don’t get recycled each year. Not only is buying packs of […]

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Investigating the 2015 Summer Energy Outlook

Don't worry about getting in deep from this summer's energy bills.Courtesy of

With summer cooling already underway in the southern states, many consumers are already wondering what they can expect from their electricity bills this summer. We investigate and get a better handle on what you can likely expect by tearing apart the details in three areas: weather, demand and capacity, and fuel prices. The Weather The […]

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LED Lighting Series Part I: Where We’ve Come From, Where We are Going


You’ve heard of LED lighting, but how and why is it becoming a part of your daily life? Light emitting diode (LED) lighting is the light of the future, embraced by lighting designers, city planners, artists and home owners, alike. And it’s not going anywhere! Most current city street lights across the US are lit […]

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Eco-friendly Packing for Your Summer Vacation

Summer is upon us and vacation season is rapidly approaching. There are so many ways I could discuss how to green your vacation (and I don’t mean spending the green, I mean does anyone actually need help with SPENDING money?), but I will address the one I truly dread: packing!  I confess, I am not […]

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Five Mega-Must-Dos When Making Your Move


Whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or across the country, moving time is one of the most stressful things your family will ever do. Apart from the sadness of leaving familiar places and people and the anticipation of a new home, there’s the whole pain in the patookus of packing up your stuff […]

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Checking Out the Early Predictions for the 2015 Hurricane Season


The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. NOAA generally doesn’t release its seasonal predictions until the end of May which coming on the heels of Tropical Storm Ana seems to be cutting it a bit close. Still, three other prediction services out there have already offered their prediction for this year’s Atlantic […]

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Sign up with Bounce Energy this May and get a $100 Visa Gift Card!


We’re big fans of social media here at Bounce Energy, that’s why we have our always running Facebook50 promotion. Sign up with Bounce Energy anytime and use promo code Facebook50 and you’ll receive a $50 Visa Gift Card. Lucky for you, we’re raising the stakes this May. Sign up with this month’s special promocode, Facebook100, and […]

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Tax Free Shopping for Texas on ENERGY STAR Appliances this Memorial Day Weekend!

refrigerator with woman

Memorial Day weekend means pool parties, hanging out with friends, three days off work for a majority of us (woo hoo!) and most importantly, honoring our brave veterans. Memorial Day weekend also happens to be the perfect time for those of you living in Texas to do some major shopping for new appliances. Running a […]

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Better Know your Electricity—Part 4

Samuel Insull, inventor of the powerpool grid and entrepreneur.Image courtesy of

When Thomas Edison first lit streets with an incandescent light bulb in 1879, it took 50 years for electrical service to enter only a fraction of American homes. By 1920, only 35% of American homes had electricity. Yet, in the decade that followed, innovation and entreprenurial genius created a system that expanded service across the […]

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