Making a Bright Decision with LED Holiday Lights

By Brooke Drake, December 18, 2009, News

I’ve seen LED Holiday lights in the stores more and more these days and wasn’t sure how they were any different than the standard strands of lights. What made LED lights so different?

It turns out that light emitting diodes (LED’s) are used in a variety of items that many people may not have realized. Aside from being another option for Christmas lights, LED’s also form the numbers on digital clocks, light up watches and relay information from remote controls. Also, if you put a bunch of LED lights together they form images on a jumbo TV or illuminate a traffic light.

As for LED Holiday lights, they have some interesting characteristics that distinguish them from the regular strands of lights. First, they don’t have a filament inside that will burn out, which is nice so you’ll never be faced with one random light bulb that burns out and takes the whole stand with it. Also by not having a burning filament, the bulbs don’t get hot which is especially nice if used on Christmas trees because they are less likely to start a fire.  Secondly, LED bulbs are enclosed in thick plastic, which means they are shatterproof so if you mistakenly step on one you won’t have to break out the band-aids. Thirdly, LED’s save up to 90% of energy compared to regular seven watt light bulbs. And the last benefit is that the wires are thicker than a normal strand, which makes the strands less likely to get tangled.


What’s also great about LED’s is they come in different shapes and sizes. They can even blink like regular bulbs. They also come in a wide variety of colors and are made for indoors and outdoors.

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