Green Guide to Creating Your Own Composting Pile

By energy_linguist, April 26, 2010, Green

Compost pileThe secret to composting success? According to the EPA’s Create Your Own Compost Pile, it’s three basic ingredients that will put you on the right path to converting organic waste in your household to reusable compost.

1. Browns— i.e. Dead leaves, branches , twigs
2. Greens— i.e. Grass clippings, vegetable waste, fruit scraps, and coffee grounds
3. Water

But what about the process itself? Take the expert advice (there is no golden ticket to doing it perfectly) and try one of the approaches listed by the EPA for both indoor and outdoor composting. You’ll find that the step-by-step instructions paint a pretty clear picture on two options for converting waste in your home.

Be sure to scroll down the page for an important list of what materials can and can’t be composted.

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