Bounce Energy Plan Spotlight: Thrifty Saver Introductory

By Julianne, July 20, 2010, News

Bounce Energy’s Thrifty Saver Introductory Plan is a month-to-month plan with a low introductory rate for the first billing period. It’s for customers who are interested in lowering their electric bill now. With a month-to-month plan, customers can take advantage of low rates when energy prices fall. The rate is closely tied to the price of natural gas so it’s based on changes in the electricity market on a month-to-month basis. This plan is not bound to a contract so there is no termination fee enabling you to switch plans or providers at any time. Those who sign up now can receive the introductory rate of 8.5 or 8.7 cents per kWh (depending on where you live) for their first billing period.

Customers who sign up for this plan can get movie tickets, bill credits, companion airfare, and free electricity through our Bounce Energy Rewards Program. For on-time bill payments and being a good Bounce Energy customer, we’ll reward you with these incentives and more.

For customers who don’t want to be tied down with a contract and want to start saving money on their electricity now, choose the Thrifty Saver Introductory Plan.

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