Getting Deep in Green

By Brooke Drake, July 21, 2010, Green

Looking to “greenify” your home or office but not sure where to begin? If so, let the consultants with Deep Green Living help.  Their consultants will visit your home or office to understand your daily practices. They review everything from your utility bills to the products under your sink and then provide you with a customized action plan to reduce your impact on the environment and help with cost savings as well.

If you’re expecting a little one on the way and are concerned about his/her nursery or possible harmful items around the house, Deep Green Living has a Baby Well-Being program that can assist you. After a two hour consultation, they will conduct a guided walkthrough of your home to point out anything that could affect the health of your baby. Then they create a customized action plan that includes best practices for a healthy nursery, guidelines and resources for baby-related purchases and even healthy tips for mom.

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