Save a Tree – Opt for Paperless Billing

By Julianne, July 13, 2010, Green, News, Special Offers

Bounce Energy is taking another step to make the Earth a greener place by making paperless billing available to its customers. Customers now have the option to receive their bill online instead of in the mail. Each month, you’ll receive an email notification saying your statement is ready to view online. No more having walk to your the mailbox to get your electricity bill; now all it takes is to log into your Bounce Energy account.

By signing up with paperless bills, you’ll eliminate the necessity of having to write checks, the need for stamps and envelopes. 38,500 paper bills is equivalent to one ton of paper. If 38,500 customers switch to paperless billing, they’ll save close to 16,450 gallons of water, 1,941 pounds of solid waste, and 5,058 pounds of green house gasses.

The convenience and ease is a major benefit of paperless billing. For customers who are interested in reducing paper wastes and the energy associated with paper billing, they should sign up for paperless billing by logging into their Bounce Energy account.

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