Bounce Energy’s 12 Days of Christmas Specials 2010: Day 9 – No MRC Fee!

By Vernon Trollinger, December 16, 2010, News, Save Money, Special Offers

From December 6th through the 21st, Bounce Energy will be giving special gifts to customers who sign up with a fixed rate plan of 6 months* or longer. These are Bounce Energy’s 12 Days of Christmas Specials.

Now’s your chance to beat the price of high fees from your electricity provider.  Sign up for one of Bounce Energy’s Fixed Term Plans for 6 months or longer and get a chance at never paying a monthly service fee again!

Some providers charge fees no matter how much eletricity you use.  Some also charge a meter reading fee.  Some charge you a fee for paying on-line or over the phone.

Some REPs charge you a fee every month regardless of how much energy you use. Bounce Energy only charges $4.95 for monthly recurring charges (MRC) only when customer usage falls below 1,000 kWh a month.  And they never charge you for paying your bill on-line or over the phone.  In fact, they reward you for paying on-time!

When a customer signs up for one of Bounce Energy’s Fixed Term Plans and enters the promo code “xmasnomrc“, their MRC fee will be WAIVED for as long as they’re a customer.  That can save you can save up to $60/year!

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