Ways to Make Your Holidays Green

By Eliza, December 16, 2010, Charity & Community, Energy Efficiency, Green, Save Money

This year don’t forget to include the planet on your Holiday gift list. Since this is one name that most of us fail to remember, below are some ideas for perfect gifts to give to planet Earth.

  • Buy a living tree– With artificial tree sales rising, it is important to consider the planet and what’s best for it. Instead of the artificial tree, buy the real thing and participate in treecycling this year. Besides it’s also a natural air freshener (alpine scent).
  • Reuse gift wrap- The foil in the gift way cannot be broken down but it can be reused! Save the gift bags and wrapping paper this year for next. You will also find yourself saving money as well.
  • Buy used or make ornaments- If you are thinking of a fun family activity, make it to be creating ornaments for the tree or visit your local thrift store to buy some used ornaments.
  • Recycle- The holidays equal plenty of partying and drinking. If you are at a party or host one, make sure to set aside containers for plastic, aluminum, and glass items that have been used.
  • Donate toys- Take advantage of the holiday season to give!  Climb into those closets and take out the unwanted or old toys and donate them to those kids that do not have any! You’ll be able to clean out your rooms and closets and make a child happy.
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