Bounce Energy Ambassador Program

By Julianne, April 26, 2011, News

Do you love Bounce Energy? We’re looking for some of our biggest fans to help spread the word about “Texas’ most liked electricity company“. If you’re a Bounce Energy fan, consider being a Bounce Ambassador.

A Bounce Ambassador is someone who wants to help spread the word about Bounce Energy. By signing up, you’ll be able to publish some of our most popular articles, blog posts, and videos to your friends through your favorite social network channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

Once you sign up to be a Bounce Ambassador, you will choose which social networks you want to publish Bounce Energy content to. You will also have the option to automatically publish content or approve which content gets published on your online profiles. As we create new content to be published, you will get an email notification. The email will contain a link where you can view the content to be published and approve it. Every time you share any of our content through the Bounce Ambassador Program, you’re helping spread valuable information such as energy efficiency tips, energy news, the latest in green living innovations, and more.

To thank you for being a Bounce Ambassador, you will be entered for a chance to receive a $100 bill credit at the beginning of each month. Ambassadors who are not yet customers will be given a $100 bill credit upon sign up.

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