Comparing Texas Green Energy Plans

By Eliza, April 25, 2011, Green, News

More and more, electricity companies have been creating green energy plans. Deciding which plans to go with can become overwhelming with several to choose from. Here’s a look at several Texas green energy plans:

Company Plan Rate per 1000 kWh Comparison
Green Mountain Energy Pollution Free Smart 6
6 month plan
10.9¢ Same rate as Bounce Energy’s Blue Sky Fixed 6 but signing up with Bounce Energy will give you the opportunity to earn up to $450 in savings.
Pollution Free- Reliable Rate
12 month plan
12.0¢ Save over 9% with Bounce Energy’s Blue Sky Fixed 12
Pollution Free
11.8¢ Save you about 6% with Bounce Energy’s Smart Green
Direct Energy Pure Texas Wind Plan
12 month plan
10.6¢ With Bounce Energy’s Blue Sky Fixed 12, you can earn rewards that will help you save on your bill. Receive more than $75 in rewards during the first 12 months.
TXU Energy Texas Choice 12 with 100% Wind
12 month plan
12.7¢ Save over 14% with Bounce Energy’s Blue Sky Fixed 12
Bounce Energy Blue Sky Fixed 12
12 month plan
10.9¢ Sign Up Here
Blue Sky Now Introductory
7.3¢ Sign Up Here
Blue Sky Fixed 6
6 month plan
10.9¢ Sign Up Here
Smart Green
11.1¢ Sign Up Here

*The plans and rates above are based on offerings available on on April 25, 2011. These rates reflect the Centerpoint service territory for 1,000 kilowatt hour usage. Rates will vary in other service territories like Centerpoint, AEP North and Central and TNMP. If you would like to check the most updated rates, please visit, or

Additional Fees:
Most Texas electricity companies charge fees for things such as late payments and an early termination fee when you cancel a contract with a provider before your term is over. But there are some energy companies that charge miscellaneous fees. Green Mountain Energy charges a fee for paying your bill over the phone ($5.95) and in person ($1.50). TXU charges $3.95 each time an agent assists you with payment and a documentation fee ($2) when you submit a request.

You will be happy to know that Bounce Energy never charges their customers for paying the bills! You are able to choose from online, phone, or mail-in payments at no additional cost.

Rewards Program:
Several of the Texas energy companies offer some sort of rewards for their customers but which program saves customers the most money? TXU Energy rewards program features a 3% cash back at the end of the year. That may sound like savings, but comparing the TXU Cash Back Program to the Bounce Energy’s Rewards Program, Bounce Energy will still save its customers more.  With Bounce Energy if you pay your bill on-time for 6 consecutive months and receive your choice of 2 movie tickets or a $50 gift card to PLUS access to the Bounce Energy VIP Customer Service line. If you pay your bill on time for 12 months, you receive a $75 bill credit. At 18 months, choose between companion airfare or a $15 gift card to Starbucks. For 24 months of on-time payments, you will receive a free month of electricity. For being a loyal customer for 30 months with on-time bill payments, you’ll receive a 3% discount on all future Bounce Energy bills paid on-time.

With Green Mountain Energy, we see that their 6 month plan and Bounce Energy’s Blue Sky Fixed 6 month plan both priced at 10.9¢ per 1000 kWh. But when you factor in the savings with Bounce Energy Rewards, you will be able to earn a $50 gift card or a movie ticket. That can go towards many meals from your favorite local restaurants at half the price.

Besides an amazing rewards program, Bounce Energy offers the most green plans. You can choose from 4 great plans. Besides all the green plans containing 100% renewable energy each plan offers something great. The Blue Sky Fixed 6 and Blue Sky Fixed 12 plan offer a locked in rate over the indicated months. The Smart Green plan guanrantees that your price will not increase more than 10% a month and there is no limit to how much the price can decrease. The Blue Sky Now Introductory plan that offers month to month payment and has no termination fee. Go online to get more details and information about these Texas green plans.

It can be a difficult process choosing an electricity company with all the plans and rates being offered, so be sure to compare and weigh out the pros and cons. Even though some rates might be cheaper, the company might have more additional fees than others and not so good of a rewards program.

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