Top 10 Money-Saving Tips Posts for 2012

By Adam P. Newton, February 6, 2012, News

Along with losing weight, finishing that big project, and becoming a better person, the decision to save money for the present and the future ranks at the very top of every New Year’s Resolution list. Here at Bounce Energy, we decided to scour the internet throughout December 2011 and January 2012 for the best collection of practical and insightful money-saving tips for our readers . Hopefully, these hints will be helpful to both the newly frugal and those with a tried-and-true of saving money well.

1. The Best Time to Buy Anything in 2012

This fantastic stroll through 2012 tops our list, primarily because of its detail and readability. It breaks down on a monthly and seasonal basis when to purchase certain products to maximize their money-saving potential. Specifically, the list pays close attention to when to shop for certain goods based upon when they are set to be replaced, updated, or on sale because of the changes in seasonal availability. Think of it as a crash-course in Advanced Couponing.

2. Top Ten Money-Saving Tips for 2012

The strength of this list rests in the simplicity and straight-forward nature of these 10 ideas. We personally advocate the tips that revolve around sharing, going green, and learning how to comparison shop with intelligence, but we also like how most of the brief tips link to more in-depth articles about saving money.

3. Top 10 Savings Tips for 2012

We felt this list condensed some rather dense ideas about saving money into a brief two-or-three sentence paragraph with style. This proves especially true in the tips that outline different ways to save money with greater discernment and acumen. There’s a big difference between just rolling out some obvious money-saving tips with little explanation and actually advising people that they can save more in the long term by budgeting to increase how much they put into savings.

4. 50 Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2012

With this list, we step beyond the simplicity of the standard “10 Tips” list to a deeper exploration into tried-and-true techniques about saving money. While 50 tips might seem like a lot (as this list is sprawled out over 7 pages), there are some superb nuggets of money-saving truth that are ready to be unearthed, and they’re mostly much simpler than you’d imagine. We recommend the tips that help you bank smarter, live within your means, shop and dine more efficiently, and plan for the future.

5. Top Tips for Saving Cash

The best money-saving suggestions all revolve around looking for the most efficient ways to cut corners on price without cutting out quality. This list presents excellent ideas that range from making your own coffee and meals at home to overpaying your mortgage and monitoring your electricity usage at home.

6. Credit Card Debt – Tips for Lowering Yours in 2012

From the comprehensive list, we now look to posts with some highly specific instructions that can definitely help you save money. Each of the above lists encourage you to pay down your credit card debt, but that’s an no-brainer. This link offers 4 specific keys to lowering your credit card debt in 2012 to that you can start saving money: Make A Plan, Find Additional Income, Stop Spending, and Improve Your Credit Rating.

7. Saving Money in the New Year: Helpful Shopping Tips and Ideas

As with the other lists, the injunction to “save money” is rather implicit, but it doesn’t come easy to us all. Thus, it’s better to start with a few highly specific concepts that even the most inexperienced saver can easily understand and follow: Avoid Impulse Purchases, Shop on the Internet, Shop According to Seasonal Sales, Cut Coupons, and Shop Around.

8. Student Load Tips for Lowering Debt

College is a rather pricey endeavor these days, and unless you’re able to land a few well-timed scholarships, more and more students are graduating from college with higher and higher amounts of student loan debt. Thus, parents and students alike are encouraged to save money before college begins, which then reduces the need to incur more debt over the course of the education, as it then optimizes the ways how to pay of the debt you do have as quickly as possible.

9. How to Start Budgeting for 2012

Oh, the budget – the bane of our collective existence. Congress can’t balance America’s budget, and according to statistics regarding credit card debt and home mortgages, the average family can’t do so either. As this helpful link outlines in good detail, the real trick to exploring further money-saving options with your budget is to start with this fundamental step: Compare how much your family earns with how much it spends. And as simple as that sounds, it’s difficult to save money unless you know where it’s being spent first.

10. 5 Money Lessons We can Learn from Grandma and Grandpa

Finally, we want to end with some time-worn practical advise that isn’t specific to time, season, or situation. With these money-saving tips, we can learn to avoid in the first place all of the financial pratfalls, pitfalls, and mistakes that these other lists look to correct, adjust, and eliminate. Our favorites? That’s easy – “Buy experiences, not things” and “Don’t let money rule your life.” By increasing the quality of how your money is spent, you can increase the quantity of the money you save.

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