Texas Electricity Rate Update from Bounce Energy

By Vernon Trollinger, March 26, 2012, Green, News, Save Money, Special Offers

Texas Electricity Update

With spring already sprung (way too early this year), Bounce Energy has updated its Texas electricity rates and is also continuing some great offers for new and existing customers to save money.

Fixed Rate Plans Oncor Centerpoint TNMP AEPN AEPC
Terrific 12 Plan: 8.8 9.9 9.6 9.2 10.5
Cash Back Fixed 6:
Earn 3% of your money back
when you pay your bill on-time!
9.4 10.4 10.3 9.6 11.1
Tremendous 24 Plan: 9.1 10.3 9.7 9.5 10.7
Fantastic Fixed 6: 9.4 10.4 10.3 9.6 11.1
Bounce 24 Plan:
Get $390 in savings from
Bounce Energy & DIRECTV!
9.2 10.4 9.8 9.6 10.8
Nifty 9: 8.8 10.0 10.0 9.6 10.6
Amazing 18 Plan: 9.5 10.7 10.1 9.2 11.0
Fast Fixed 4: 8.6 9.4 9.8 9.5 10.8
Easy Fixed 3: 7.6 8.5 8.2 7.9 9.4
Month-to-Month Rate Plans Oncor Centerpoint TNMP AEPN AEPC
Thrifty Saver Promotional: 4.1 4.9 5.7 4.9 6.1
Smart Saver: 9.4 10.1 9.8 9.4 10.9
The Organic Section: 100% Green Plans! Oncor Centerpoint TNMP AEPN AEPC
Organic Power Promotional: 5.7 5.9 6.0 7.1 6.4

*all rates shown represent 2,000 kWh per month usage as of March 23, 2012.
Usagerates below 1000 kWh per month will receive a base charge of $6.95.

A great way to save money right now is to lock in your electrical rates with a 24 month fixed rate AND switch over form cable to all digital DIRECTV! With the Bounce 24 Plan you’ll receive $5 off your monthly electricity bill and $5 off your monthly DIRECTV bill for 24 months. That’s $240 in savings. Plus, earn up to $150 in loyalty rewards through the Bounce Energy Rewards Program. All of that adds up to $390 in savings from Bounce Energy & DIRECTV —and you’ll also get three months of Showtime, HBO, Starz, and Cinemax for FREE!

If you’re just looking for a fixed-rate, though, Bounce Energy has several fixed term plans that will fit your lifestyle and help you save money. Choose a plan lasting 24 months (Tremendous 24), 18 months (Amazing 18), 12 months (Terrific 12 Plan), 9 months (Nifty Nine), 6 months (Fantastic Fixed 6), 4 months (Fast Fixed 4), or even as short 3 months (Easy Fixed 3). All of these plans come with great rewards just for paying your bill on time! There’s even a way you can save money by earning 3% back from your bill with our Cash Back Fixed 6 plan.

On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of Texas electric service prices when they drop or if a fixed plan just doesn’t fit your lifestyle, check out Bounce Energy’s month-to-month plans. The Thrifty Saver Promotional gives you a big discount as a “welcome bonus” for your first month just for switching to Bounce Energy. There’s also our Smart Saver month-to-month plan that makes sure your price doesn’t increase by more than 10 percent from month-to-month. With both of these plans there’s NO contract and NO termination fee. You can switch to another plan whenever you want.

Eco-conscious customers who want to power their homes with 100% green energy and renewable sources can find both fixed and month-to-month plans that work with their lifestyle. If you’re looking for a low promotional month to month rate, check out the Organic Power Promotional Plan. As a new Bounce Energy customer, you’ll get a low introductory rate on green renewable energy sources (like wind and solar). Or you can sign up for our Smart Green Plan that protects your Texas energy rates from increasing by 12% every month and features unlimited price decreases.

Looking for a green fixed rate? Look up the Organic Power Fixed 6 and Organic Fixed 12 plans. They offer 100% green energy fixed at today’s low rates that can help you save money and shield you from summer’s shocks.

Remember, everyone who signs up with Bounce Energy is automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program. You can get exclusive gifts for being a good customer and earn bill credits just by paying your bill on time! Start saving money and earning rewards with Bounce Energy!

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