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extreme heat advisory

Extreme Weather Alert: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Panhandle & West Texas Residents Urged to Conserve

The forecast for today and the rest of the week is looking all too similar to last summer’s long, hot days, predicting temperatures over 100 degrees for most of Texas, mainly focused on the Dallas/Fort Worth areas, West Texas and the Panhandle. When it’s hot outside [...]

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Bounce Energy Enters the National Bracket for Social Madness

After winning Houston's small business division for the Business Journal's Social Madness competition, Bounce Energy is now competing in the national small business bracket. Nationals started on July 24 and we're onto Round 2. Currently we're up against 31 other small busine [...]

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Bounce Energy Wins Houston Social Madness Challenge

Remember the Social Madness contest hosted by the Biz Journals that we mentioned earlier this month? Well thanks to the support from all of you guys we won the small business competition in the Houston, TX division of Social Madness! While competing in the small busin [...]

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2012 Summer Natural Gas Update

Red line shows current U.S. natural gas amounts in storage. It's no secret that natural gas fuels over half the electric power generators in Texas. Because of that, the price of natural gas is reflected in your Texas energy rates each month. Last summer, ERCOT declared p [...]

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Mom's Rewards Program

Bounce Energy Introduces a New Rewards Program For Moms!

We all love our Moms. They work hard every day to raise a family, sometimes working a day job and then coming home to  make dinner, do some laundry, and help you with your math homework and Science Fair project. And even though Mother’s day was a couple of months ago, we [...]

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Energy efficiency tips for small business owners

22 Quick and Easy Energy Efficiency Tips for Small Businesses

Learning how to conserve energy and save money is part and parcel of running a successful small business. Whether you work at home or within an office or shop setting, reducing energy consumption can help you save hard earned cash that can be reinvested to further benefit yo [...]

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The DIY Energy Audit That Can Save Money and Electricity

Don't know where to start saving money on your home energy use? Does your home have air leak and drafts?  Does it have enough insulation? Are your appliances and lights energy efficient?  Still don't know?  Perform a DIY energy audit. Doing a home energy audit yourself is [...]

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Bounce Energy rewards our small business customers!

Bounce Energy Rewards Our Small Business Customers

Residential customers aren't the only ones who get to enjoy our rewards program. Bounce Energy also has a way for our small business customers to be rewarded for making on-time bill payments each month. American AAdvantage Rewards With the American AAdvantage Rewards Progr [...]

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Important News about electricity bill scam!

SCAM ALERT – Don’t Fall Victim to the Payment Utility Scam!

Currently there's a scam going around targeting electricity customers. They are told that there's a new government program to help people pay their electricity bill. This is untrue and thousands have already fallen victim to this scam, don't be one of them! Here is ho [...]

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Bounce Energy and are bringing you a Sizzlin Summer

Cool Your Home And Your Bill With The Right Windows

Even though the temperature keeps going up, you probably don't want your electricity bill to do the same. Earlier we offered you and your kids some tips on saving energy around your home during the summer, but did you know that your windows can play a big part in energy effi [...]

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