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Cook Outside And Save Money

The next couple of days over Labor Day look like they're going to be like every other last summer weekend in Texas: hot. For the rest of the country, Labor Day means the last chance to cook outside before the weather turns cold. Of course, in Texas, it stays warm for much lo [...]

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Simple Steps to Making Your Water Heater More Energy Efficient

It’s August, and while that means the end of summer break, it unfortunately doesn’t mean it’s the end of the summer heat and increased energy bills. Though I can’t help the heat, I can help your energy bill. To help save energy and money, look to your water heater. I [...]

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Weekly Electricity Usage Email

Bounce Energy Introduces Weekly Electricity Usage Summary Emails

As Bounce continually strives to better serve our customers, we understand that many of you want to monitor your usage on a regular basis. One of the key ways that our customers can save money each month is to lower their electricity usage, and the best way to do that is to [...]

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Back to School Deals for the 2012 School Year

Many students are heading back to school this week, which means its time for school shopping. Now, tax free weekend is a great time for people to start the school shopping process, but on the other hand, for some (okay me) it's the time to stay away from stores and malls. Th [...]

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UPDATED: Tropical Storm Isaac Now Hurricane Issac

UPDATE: Tropical Storm Isaac has been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane. As Tropical Storm Isaac enters the Gulf of Mexico, meteorologists are still unsure as to what path it will take. Last week's predictions had Isaac moving east and hitting the Florida coast, but as a [...]

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Nifty 9 for college students

Nifty 9 – A Great Plan for College Students

Classes are starting up soon! For those college students who've decided to live off campus, you should know that you have the choice for which Texas electricity provider you can use at the excellent new apartment, condo, or house you're renting with your friends,. You may on [...]

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Texas Mommy Blogs That You Should Start Reading

Someone once told me that being a mom is the hardest job you'll ever have, but it's also the most rewarding. Now that my daughter is three, I have had many hard days (more since she turned three) but have had so many more wonderful days (thank goodness!). Because of the hard [...]

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8 Refrigerators That Can Help You Save

Next to air conditioning, refrigerators are the one appliance that makes modern life in the Southern US so dang convenient. They can also run up your Texas electricity rate. Perhaps yours is durable harvest gold fossil from the 1970s. Or maybe it's a still stylish black mono [...]

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August Update for the 2012 Hurricane Season

NOAA has issued their updated August seasonal Hurricane outlook for the Atlantic and Caribbean, just prior to the historical peak of the season. NOAA's update says the remainder of the season will be more active than initially thought. Though it predicts a 50% chance of [...]

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Get a continuous service agreement with Bounce Energy

We’ve Upgraded Our Multi-family Program and Technology

Bounce Energy has been providing power to the deregulated parts of Texas for over four years now. For the first two years, we only provided service to residential customers needing electricity for a house or single apartment. Two years later, we started working with customer [...]

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