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By Adam P. Newton, August 7, 2012, News

Get our DIRECTV's NFL Sunday Ticket bundleAs an unapologetic fan of baseball, I will be the first to admit that football truly reigns as “America’s Pastime” these days. Judging from the television ratings and popularity of fantasy football with even the most casual observers, it’s the NFL that holds the most weight in American pop culture. Even the most die-hard fan of a given team tries to watch as many games as possible just because of the love of the sport. In the past, local television contracts limited your exposure to what games you could watch on the traditional networks, but with the advent of satellite technology, you can watch every game every Sunday, NFL Sunday Ticket Max through DIRECTV.

With NFL Sunday Ticket Max you get the ultimate football experience. You have the ability to watch every NFL game, every Sunday on your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  You also get the Game Mix channel (allows you to watch up to 8 games at once), Player Tracker, real-time scores and stats, the Red Zone Channel and Short Cuts (allows you to watch the whole game in 30 minutes).

And now, when you sign up with DIRECTV through Bounce Energy, you will be able to watch NFL Sunday Ticket Max for FREE! That’s right – we’re happily enabling your addiction to all the football you might want, while also providing increased access to excellent premium channels packed with movies and specialty programming. Packages start as low as $29.95 a month, but regardless of your budget, you will receive the following perks:

What if you’re not a football fan? Well, the free 3 months of HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax should be rather attractive, as it’s quite similar to the 4 months of football viewing offered through NFL Sunday Ticket. Even better, you can watch shows on those channels all week long, not just when there are football games playing on the weekend.

Furthermore, you will receive a $5 bill credit from both Bounce Energy and DIRECTV for 24 months, starting with your second bill with those companies. Also, the standard professional installation for this service is free, and you can have HD quality programming in every room for free as well.

Did we mention that there are no start-up costs or initial equipment to buy when you sign up with DIRECTV through Bounce? We’re trying to make this as appealing, easy, and stress-free as possible – we just want to help you enjoy NFL games and great programming!

To learn more about this offer and the available plans, please call us at 1-877-742-8067, or sign up online by visiting Bounce Energy online. For more information about NFL Sunday Ticket, check out our video:

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