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By Adam P. Newton, February 28, 2013, Energy Efficiency, News

Woman Using LaptopIn an era where the smartphone you own is more powerful than the computer that got Apollo 11 to the Moon in 1969, Bounce Energy is always on the lookout for ways to connect with our customers where they are in their lives. This is why we find our MyAccount so important: we want customers to have access to their account information at all times and in ways that make sense to them. Bounce Energy wants to re-introduce its MyAccount platform to our customers – both new and old – in hopes of helping you better utilize this crucial tool.

In this installment, we will be examining how our Texas customers can view their electricity usage information.

Honestly, we’re rather proud of our MyAccount portal. It’s a one-stop location where a customer can interact with nearly every possible aspect of their relationship with Bounce Energy. You can view, print, and pay your bills with ease. If you pay your bills on-time, you can make your rewards selection and get the reward you want. We also make it easy to renew or transfer your Bounce Energy service, as well as connect with even more services for your home or business.

MyAccount Login Box

However, we know that people love being able to track their electricity usage in hopes of potentially reducing their electricity bills, so we provide this information through your personalized MyAccount. If you have a Smart Meter at your home or business, by clicking the “Understanding Your Bill” link in the left-hand sidebar menu, you can view the following information:

  1. Your current plan and rate information;
  2. The meter read cycle for the Transmission and Distribution Provider (TDSP or utility provider) for your area, complete with an estimated meter read date;
  3. Billing information for up to 6 prior bills and a link to view even older bills;
  4. A graph with a Weekly Electricity Usage summary that reflects daily usage for the past 3 weeks – the yellow line represents usage, the red dot represents the temperature high for that day, and the blue dot represents the temperature low for that day;
  5. A pie graph providing a breakdown of Bounce Charges, TDSP Charges, and Taxes and Fees on your most recent bill, along with the ability to change the date range for this chart to view this breakdown for older bills;
  6. A link to the Bounce Energy “Understanding Your Bills” FAQ’s;
  7. A link to the Bounce Energy “Understanding Your Bills” Videos; and
  8. A link to view the TDU/TDSP Fee Definitions so that you can better understand the data on your Bounce Energy bill.

MyAccount Usage Information with AMS Smart Meter

Please be advised that Bounce Energy obtains this data from Smart Meter Texas. Once we receive it, we will update your MyAccount with the usage so you can view it. You can also view this information yourself by registering your Smart Meter at http://www.smartmetertexas.com so that you can view your usage in 15-minute increments (though with a typical two-day delay).

If you do not have a Smart Meter at your home or business, Bounce Energy can only provide your usage once a billing cycle has completed and we receive the electricity usage data for that billing cycle from the TDSP for your area (e.g. CenterPoint, Oncor). Once your bill has been generated based upon that usage date, we will update your MyAccount with the usage so you can view it.

MyAccount Usage Information without AMS Smart Meter

If you do not agree with how much electricity your MyAccount chart states that you’ve used, you can ask the TDSP for your area to re-read your meter. To request this meter re-read, please call Bounce Energy Customer Service at 1-888-452-6862 so that we can contact the TDSP for your area on your behalf. If the TDSP judges the meter reading on your bill to be “in line,” you will be assessed a meter re-read fee on a subsequent bill, and this fee is determined by your TDSP, not Bounce, and it ranges from $3 to $27, depending upon the TDSP for your area. Please be advised that meter re-reads can take up to 10 business days to complete.

For Further Assistance
We hope that this MyAccount walk-through has been helpful and informative. Bounce Energy wants to make learning about your electricity usage easy, painless, and stress-free. This is is why we also have a great MyAccount app available to download to your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can also contact a helpful Customer Service Representative by calling 1-888-452-6862 or sending an e-mail to customercare@bounceenergy.com.

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