We’ve Increased our Refer-A-Friend Reward to $75 through April

By Adam P. Newton, March 15, 2013, News, Special Offers

Refer your friends and get a $75 rewardCompared to our competitors, our Refer-A-Friend program is the best in the retail electricity market. We let you refer as many customers as possible, and you’re given the same reward each time, without any sort of cap. You don’t have to sell them anything, you don’t have to step into salesperson mode, and you certainly don’t have to worry about whether or not they remain a Bounce Energy customer. You simply give your friends your unique Bounce Energy Refer-A-Friend number, and your friends successfully sign up for service with us by entering that code at the end of the online order form. It’s simple, easy, and everyone gets a reward.

Well, we love rewarding our customers so much that we’re going to increase the Refer-A-Friend reward to $75 over the next few weeks. That’s right – for each friend that you refer to Bounce Energy from today through April 30th, 2013, you and each friend will earn a $75 reward from Bounce. If you live in Texas, you’ll receive this reward as a $75 Bill Credit, while our Pennsylvania and New York customers will receive a $75 Visa Gift Card.

Here’s how it works:

  • You simply give your friends your unique Bounce Energy Refer-A-Friend number.
  • Your friends then successfully sign up for electricity service with us by entering that code at the end of the online order form.
  • To start sharing Bounce with your friends, you should log into your Bounce Energy MyAccount and click the “Refer-A-Friend” link in the left-hand sidebar menu. There, we’ve provided you several ways to distribute your unique Refer-A-Friend code to your friends.
  • Specifically, you can refer your friends to Bounce Energy by providing a direct web link, sending an e-mail to them, reaching out to your Facebook friends, tweeting your followers on Twitter, pinning a Refer-A-Friend badge on your Pinterest board, or printing out business cards with your number.

And since we recently brought our electricity service to New York, we want to encourage all of our customers in Pennsylvania and Texas to share Bounce Energy with your friends in the Empire State. Our Refer-A-Friend program works across state lines. If you live in Houston, TX and your friend in Buffalo, NY signs up with Bounce using your Refer-A-Friend code, you’ll earn a $75 Bill Credit after your friend pays his/her first bill, and she’ll receive information on redeeming that $75 Visa Gift Card after paying his/her first 3 bills. Or maybe you live in Scranton, PA and refer your friend in Albany, NY to Bounce – you’ll both earn that $75 Visa Gift Card, though you’ll get your redemption e-mail after your friend pays his/her first bill, while your friend will get the reward information after paying his/her first 3 bills.

Whatever the case and no matter where you live, you’re going to receive a $75 reward from today through April 30th, 2013 for every customer that joins Bounce because of your recommendation. Sharing your electricity company with a friend has never been so easy or gratifying!

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