7 Tips to Help Lower Your Energy Usage and Electricity Bill in the Summer

By Adam P. Newton, June 11, 2013, Energy Efficiency, Save Money

7 Tips to Help Lower Your Energy Usage and Electricity Bill in the SummerEven though the first official day of summer is only 10 days away, the summer heat is already upon us. And according to the projections, we’re going to experience above-average temperatures in most parts of the country throughout the summer, so it’s important to find ways that you can use less energy for the good of the electricity grid, while still staying comfortable and cool at your home or business.

Here are 7 quick tips to help you lower your energy usage and electricity bill all summer long:

1) Reduce your Energy Usage between 3pm – 7pm: Simply put, this is the time of day when the most energy is used (especially running your air conditioner), and this increased demand puts the most stress on the electricity grid. By first resisting the urge to turn down your air conditioner and then by turning off lights and electronics that you don’t need to use, you will lower your energy usage when it’s most important for your electricity bill and you can help decrease the chance of brownouts happening on the electricity grid.

2) Turn up Your Air Conditioner: Yes, it’s really hot in the summer, but setting your AC at 78-80 degrees will still keep you cool, since it will be much hotter outside. Besides, the lower you crank your air conditioner, the more electricity you’re using and the higher your bill will be.

3) Use Ceiling and Personal Fans: Fans might not cool down the air in your home or business, but they do keep the air circulating so that you feel cooler. Also, fans use significantly less energy than when you abuse your air conditioner to cool things down.

7 Tips to Help Lower Your Energy Usage and Electricity Bill in the Summer4) Use Your Major Appliances Less and Only at Night: So, you have to wash and dry your clothes and do a few loads of dishes, but if you do so after the sun goes down, the heat generated by those appliances won’t heat up your home and encourage increased air conditioner use.

5) Change Those Air Filters: In order for your air conditioner to work best when you’ve set it at 78-80 degrees, it helps to have clear air filters so that your cool air doesn’t have to fight its way through dirt and grime.

6) Close Your Windows and Blinds: When you close your blinds and windows during the heat of the day, this can make your home or business cooler, as you’re reducing how much warm air and sunlight you let inside so that you reduce your air conditioner usage.

7) Shade Your Windows: With shaded windows, less direct sunlight gets inside, and that means less heat when you need it the least. The more ambient heat you can keep out of your home or business, the less you have to over-use your air conditioner.

Notice how many of those tips revolve around reducing how much you use your air conditioner at your? That’s because your AC uses the most energy out of all the appliances in our home or business, so if you can change your habits with that appliance, you can use less energy during the summer and lower your electricity bill, while still staying cool. We also recommend that you give your HVAC system a bit of maintenance when possible and get rid of the energy vampires that will slowly drain electricity where you least suspect it. Finally, follow Bounce Energy on Facebook and Twitter for real-time weather updates, including heat advisories and storm activity.

What are some of the ways that you stay cool in the summer while still lowering your energy usage?

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