Bounce Energy Wishes Dads a Happy Father’s Day!

By Brooke Drake, June 16, 2013, Events & Fun, News

BE - fathers dayFor some people, today is just a normal Sunday, but for many families, you’re spending the day together celebrating Father’s Day, a holiday set aside to commemorate that special father or father-figure in your life. Though there are some critics who feel it’s just another holiday created by the greeting card industry, we prefer to honor our dads on this day.

Over the course of the past week, we shared a range of interesting gift ideas:

At Project: Greenify, we talked about 7 different green gifts for dads who love the environment. We especially liked the hammock made from recycled bottles, the wine barrel chairs, and grass-fed beef.

At Bounce Energy Savings, we discussed 5 inexpensive gifts that dads will love. I’m personally a fan of the Rubik’s Cube pencil holder and bacon popcorn.

We then shared 8 nifty DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day, courtesy of our friends at Redesign Revolution.

And since we consider ourselves a good family and community, some of Bounce Energy employees chimed in with their favorite traditions with their dads on Father’s Day:


We keep things nice and simple most years by eating together and then playing Dad’s favorite games – dominoes and cards (usually spades). While things usually start chill during the quiet of the afternoon, the games get heated after dinner, since we tend to be rather competitive.


Father’s Day always falls on Sunday, and Sundays in our house meant church. But since my dad not-so-secretly didn’t mind occasionally missing church, that meant we would all “accidentally” sleep in that morning and “miss” church. Instead, Mom would cook a huge brunch with one specific thing on the menu geared towards Dad – fried pork chops. Some years we had waffles, while other years we enjoyed pancakes or biscuits, but we had those fried pork chops every year.

Later in the day, Dad would almost beg Mom to take my sister and me shopping or go to the movies so that he and my brother could sit around watching the NBA playoffs or golf. And since my dad didn’t work at an office, he really appreciated a nice polo shirt, so we usually returned from that shopping trip with a nice polo shirt for him.

Father’s Day remains the same in my house to this day: Polo shirt, NBA, and Pork Chops (though I’m taking him out to brunch instead of making them at home).


Basically, my dad gets to pick where we go out to dinner. His answer? ALWAYS OLIVE GARDEN. My mom, brother, and I then complain about how we don’t want to go to Olive Garden, which means we end up going somewhere else. Admittedly, this defeats the purpose of Father’s Day on the surface, but the day is always redeemed because we follow up lunch by going out on Lake George with our boat – and that is always beautiful.


Back in the day, before my 3 brothers and I moved out of the house, we spent many a Father’s Day at some campground or state park in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Since my dad didn’t like a big fuss, this made for a perfect day: sandwiches, chips, and family in the great outdoors. These days, we get together on the Saturday before Father’s Day for grilling, games of cards, and trading stories. Either way, we’re all together having a great time.


On Father’s Day, we believe it’s an occasion for good food and good times with good people. All of my extended family gathers together for a big barbecue dinner. After we’re finished with the delicious meal, we then sit around and have a little “roast” of the Dads – it’s all in good fun, and we get to enjoy some laughs at the expense of some of our favorite people in the world.

With that in mind, Bounce Energy wants to wish every father a happy and safe Father’s Day!

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