Bounce Energy Introduces a New MyAccount Experience!

By Adam P. Newton, July 8, 2013, FAQs, News

Welcome to the New Bounce Energy MyAccount ExperienceWe are really proud of MyAccount – and for good reason. Through this industry-leading bit of technology, we’ve provided our customers with a comprehensive view of their account information, including the ability to look at it all on their smartphone. We’ve also made sure that our customers can renew and/or transfer their Bounce Energy service online, and do so with ease. And since so many of you have told us how much you appreciate all that MyAccount has to offer, we strive to improve your user experience on a regular basis.

Thus, we are quite excited to announce that we’ve rolled out a fresh version of MyAccount, complete with some super-duper enhancements we know everyone will love. These improvements include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Updated look and feel
  • Better messaging
  • Customized messaging based upon your account (i.e. “If you need to renew, we’ll remind you!”)
  • Easier management of your account information
  • Fully functional mobile experience
  • Employee Referral Program for Small Businesses (like Refer-A-Friend)

Welcome to the New Bounce Energy MyAccount ExperienceWhat’s New for You?

It starts with the revamped user interface. Once you log into the new version of MyAccount, you’ll see in a whole new way. Instead of the standard homepage talking to you about Bounce Energy, we will be talking directly to you by providing customized account information and content from everything happening on our site.

We especially like that the cleaner user interface in the new MyAccount provides easier access to customized articles, offers, and information that is more relevant to your life and account. For example, we’ve re-organized the navigation to show the following sections (instead of a long string of links):

  • Electricity Plan
  • Rewards Program
  • Your Service
  • Bills and Payments
  • Extras
  • Special Offers

By clicking on the section you want, you are then brought to the information that you want to read, without needing to sift through stuff that isn’t applicable to you at that moment in time.

Welcome to the New Bounce Energy MyAccount ExperienceWhat’s New for Small Business Customers?

Are you a Small Business that loves Bounce Energy, but you’ve never been able to take advantage of our awesome Refer-A-Friend program? Well, with our new MyAccount, you can refer your employees to Bounce just like residential customers can refer their friends. For each of your friends, family members, and employees that becomes a Bounce customer using your Small Business account number, you will receive a $50 Bill Credit. Even better – each of those friends, family members, and employees that join Bounce because of you will also receive a $50 Bill Credit.

Welcome to the New Bounce Energy MyAccount ExperienceWhat’s New on Mobile?

And if you’re one of our great customers who preferred viewing your MyAccount over your smartphone, we’ve greatly improved that mobile experience for you. Along with basic functions like paying and viewing your bill, checking your account information, and processing a renewal or transfer, your new mobile MyAccount interface will let you:

  • Easily refer friends
  • Check your Rewards information and choose a reward
  • View new offers
  • Read fresh content from our blog
  • Call Customer Service from MyAccount
  • Read Mobile FAQ

So, whether you’ve never visited your Bounce Energy MyAccount portal before or you’re in there every other day checking on your account status, we’ve revamped the entire experience to better serve your needs. We want to make sure that you can see exactly what you need and want to see in your account information, and that the content is presented in a way that makes the most possible sense.

If you’re having trouble logging into your MyAccount, please call Customer Service at 1-888-452-6862 to speak with a friendly representative for assistance. You can also visit to speak with a chat representative or e-mail us at for help.

Check out your MyAccount today for a new-and-improved experience, and let us know what you think about the great upgrades!

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