What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in August

By Adam P. Newton, September 3, 2013, Energy Efficiency, Events & Fun, Green, News, Save Money

What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in AugustIt’s time for your monthly recap of everything we talked about over on Tumblr. We managed to stay busy with getting you ready for the brand new school year and giving you some fun ideas about throwing an interesting Labor Day party.

What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in August

We started off the month talking about a range of lunch ideas in hopes that we could inspire some creativity in what can be a moribund daily dining experience. We discussed 4 different ideas for making your kids’ lunch just a bit greener, with special notice being paid to tasty sandwich options and new-fangled lunch boxes.

What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in AugustFrom there, we presented different concepts to assist families and students with obtaining the necessary school supplies for the new school year. If you’re looking to save money while getting your kids ready head back to school, you will love ideas like organizing a local clothing swap or purchasing plain items so that you can decorate them personally at home for less. For those of you who prefer green products for your school supplies, there are awesome products made from recycled materials, ranging from backpacks to paper products and more.

We even paid attention to those of you heading back to college! It’s easy to get ready for the fall semester on a budget yet with style when you pay attention to where and how you procure your textbooks, food, room décor, and more. For those of you who want to show your love for the environment in your back to college preparations, we have ideas for you too, ranging from going paperless with your bills, going on a “scavenger hunt” for used supplies (instead of buying new), using digital textbooks, and beyond.

What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in AugustIf you’re looking to plan a fantastic Labor Day Party for your friends and family over the three-day weekend, we’re here to help! If you’re looking for some tips to help you throw a fun shindig on the cheap, we’ve got 7 good ideas for you: we’re fans of shopping the sales, organizing a potluck, and planning a good playlist on your stereo for low-cost entertainment.

For those of you hoping to inject some green practices in your party, we have 7 tips for you including, shopping locally, going vegetarian, planning a fun game that doesn’t use electricity, and more.

And in case you’re looking to do something slightly outside the box for Labor Day, we have 7 suggestions for you there! Invite everyone to a Beach Party, The Roaring Twenties, Quiz Show, or one of the other 4 unconventional themes.

What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in AugustFinally, in the core spirit of the site, we delivered an article entitled “Reuse Your Plastic Goods before You Recycle Them” over at Project: Greenify, including ways to reuse various plastic food packaging for an assortment of around-the-house needs. We also had a great guest blogger provide a helpful collection of tips for painting your home while still saving money and taking care of our environment.

What are some topics you’d like to see covered in September? We want to write about what’s interesting to you!

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