The 12 Days of Bouncemas 2013: Day 1 – “Be a Kid” Pick Your $25 Gift Card

By Adam P. Newton, December 6, 2013, Events & Fun, Special Offers

On the first day of Bouncemas, Bounce Energy gave to me … a chance to “Be A Kid” with Christmas glee!

The 12 Days of Bouncemas 2013: Day 1 – “Be a Kid” Pick Your $25 Gift Card

The 12 Days of Bouncemas 2013: Day 1 – “Be a Kid” Pick Your $25 Gift Card

That’s right – the 12 Days of Bouncemas have returned, and we’re kicking off the season in style with “Be a Kid” Pick Your $25. From December 6th – 8th (that’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), you can earn the chance to select a $25 Gift Card from Toys R Us, Walmart, or Target.

This reward opportunity is available to all new customers placing orders with us, and every one of our wonderful plan offerings is an eligible selection. To ensure that you receive the “Be a Kid” Pick Your $25, you will need to enter the promotion code xmasbeakid2013 in the promotion field at the end of the online order form. Also, you will need to pay your first 3 consecutive bills on-time before you can receive your reward choice.

Once this has been achieved (and you are still an active Bounce customer), you will simply need to log into your Bounce Energy MyAccount, click the “My Rewards & Promotions” link in the “Extras” section of the left-hand sidebar menu, and then select the Gift Card you want.

If you/re anything like us, you’re really excited for the Christmas season and looking forward to showering all of our new customers with amazing presents. If you’re not interested in this reward, be on the lookout for what we’ll be offering the other 11 Days of Bouncemas – but remember, you can only receive the reward that applies to the day you place your order for service. Once you sign up, you won’t be able to choose any other day’s reward.

Merry Christmas from Bounce Energy!

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