Will Punxatawney Phil See His Shadow on Groundhog Day? Guess Correctly and You Can Win!

By Adam P. Newton, January 24, 2014, Events & Fun, Special Offers

Will Punxatawney Phil See His Shadow on Groundhog Day? Guess Correctly and You Can Win!Only Punxatawney Phil knows what lurks in the shadow that falls on February 2nd

It’s that time of year again – meteorologists and weather predictors prepare their annual visit to Punxatawney, PA to learn whether or not the most celebrated groundhog in North America sees his shadow. That’s right: Groundhog Day is almost here! With any luck, Punxatawney Phil won’t see his shadow this year and bring spring early, because the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and New England states have experienced quite a cold winter in 2014.

This is where you come into the mix, dear Pennsylvania residents. With the 2nd Annual Groundhog Day Promotion, we’re giving you (and only you!) the chance to profit from your ability to predict correctly what Phil sees on February 2nd. From January 24th to February 1st, each resident of Pennsylvania that switches to Bounce Energy can earn a $50 Visa gift card if your guess about Phil’s shadow is right.

  • If you think Punxatawney Phil will not see his shadow (bringing spring early), enter groundhogno14.
  • If you think Punxatawney Phil will see his shadow (and bring 6 more weeks of winter), enter groundhogyes14.

Will Punxatawney Phil See His Shadow on Groundhog Day? Guess Correctly and You Can Win!Please enter the promotion code of your choice in the promotion field at the end of the online order form. If you place your order over the phone, please ensure that the Customer Service Representative assisting you enters the correct code with your order.

Admittedly, Punxatawney Phil has only predicted what actually happens with the weather 39% of the time, but all you need to worry about is if YOU predict what Phil sees correctly. And if you do, Bounce Energy will happily give you a $50 Visa gift card, a competitive rate for your electricity, and the best rewards programs in Pennsylvania.

Happy Groundhog Day from Bounce Energy!

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