Moving to Texas? Check Out this Great New Infographic from Bounce Energy!

By Adam P. Newton, June 26, 2014, Moving

We’re rather proud of the Lone Star State here at Bounce Energy. Whether you prefer the hip, urban life or a slower, rural pace, Texas has nearly anything you could ever want in a place to live. In fact, our love goes so deep that we created an entire “Moving to Texas” infographic dedicated to explaining what makes Texas so great to anyone that happens to be moving here. Statistics show that many people continue to move to Texas in droves – whether for jobs, education, or retirement – so we wanted to help you take advantage of all our wonderful state offers.

Moving to Texas? Check Out this Great New Infographic from Bounce Energy!

Let’s check out a few highlights!

  • An unemployment rate lower than the national average
  • A reasonable cost of living – even in our big cities like Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio
  • Instructions for getting life started – mail, electricity, driver’s license, and more
  • Plenty of fun activities to get you exploring the state

The best part about this infographic is that, not only does it help you if you’re already planning your move to Texas, but it serves as a great advertisement for all that our state can offer anyone interested in moving to a new location.

If you’re needing more information about how to make your move as productive and successful as possible, visit the Bounce Energy Move Center! You can also call 1-877-620-0837 to speak with a Bounce Energy Move Concierge representative.

We hope you enjoy the infographic AND your move to Texas!

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Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Adam P. Newton never acquired the charming accent that most life-long Texans possess in spades, but he’s OK with that. Adam currently creates and curates online content for Direct Energy. Before his career in content marketing, Adam spent several years toiling as a music journalist.

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