Happy Thanksgiving from Bounce Energy!

By John Rose, November 27, 2014, Events & Fun

shutterstock_222104284While many countries have harvest-related celebrations, Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday. From the spirit of cooperation that marks the original stories of Pilgrims and Native Americans to the elaborate and food-fueled get-togethers we plan with our families, this day is honored across our great country as a time for community, friendship, and togetherness.

This time of year really gets you thinking about all of those things that are important to you, and that’s certainly true around the Bounce Energy offices. We’d like to pause for a moment and let you know that we are thankful to you, our consumer family. Without you, we would not be here, so everything we pursue, attempt, and seek to accomplish is done with you in mind. As we prepare to settle in with family and friends today, we know that this holiday season is a special one, because in some small way, we are able to share it with you.

Thank you for being a part of the Bounce Energy family. We want to wish you a very fun, safe, happy, and tasty Thanksgiving!

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