How Can I Lower My Carbon Footprint? [Infographic]

By Adam P. Newton, April 22, 2016, Green

Earth Day might be April 22nd of each year, but we should really celebrate it every day by reducing our carbon footprint! Every little way way we decrease our impact upon the environment adds up to make a really big difference on our planet!

Check our this delightful infographic to learn five new methods you can use to lower your carbon footprint in your everyday life!

[Infographic] 5 questions to ask yourself to reduce your carbon footprint. Learn how to be more environmentally friendly and help out our planet.

To learn more about how you can change your life and Planet Earth, check out the Green section of the Bounce Energy Blog. And if you live in Texas, you can even sign up for one of our green electricity plans powered by 100% renewable energy sources!

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