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How to Build a Command Center in Your Home | Bounce Energy Blog

How to Build a Command Center in Your Home

Communication is key to a household running smoothly, whether you’re a part of a large family or have multiple roommates. Homework needs to be done on time, bills need to be paid, animals need to be fed and messages must be sent and received for life to float along with ea [...]

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How to Help Your Kids Set and Achieve New Year’s Resolutions

If you have listened and taken note over the last year on things your kids would like to do, perhaps it’s time you sat down with them and made a list on their 2018 New Year's resolutions. Just because they aren’t the ones carrying the weight of life’s responsibilities [...]

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Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick With the Right App | Bounce Energy Blog

Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick with the Right App

When we’re really ready to make a change, most of us don’t wait until January 1 to get started, which is part of why New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap. The pressure to start pursuing goals on New Year’s Day can make us declare our resolutions before we’re truly [...]

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