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How Much Energy Does This Appliance Use? – Your Phone Charger

Saving energy (and money) is always easier when you know how much you’re using. But because many of our smaller appliances draw little amounts of power, we often discount how their combined impact contributes to your home’s energy usage. With our "How Much Energy Does [...]

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Become an Energy-Efficient Vacation Guest with 6 Effortless Tips

Going on vacation stirs up this instinctual desire to indulge a little more than usual. This typically includes longer showers, not recycling properly, and lapping up the luxury that comes with staying in a room you don't have to clean. Now, we aren’t saying you can't [...]

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What are Grid Batteries and How Can They Charge Up the Future?

Several factors facing the power industry drive the growth in grid battery development. With more renewable sources in the mix, grid batteries provide a flexible means of storing energy for later use. For example, West Texas wind turbines produce the most energy at night and [...]

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Step Into the Future with the 6 Top Home Thermostats of 2016

Back in 2013, we wrote a very well-received post about the best smart and programmable thermostats in the market. A lot has changed since then, so we decided to take a look at what's happened in the industry over the past three years. Strange as it sounds, home thermostat [...]

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Spark a Conversation with Our Fun Energy Facts Series – Part 1

Energy - whether electrical, thermal, or mechanical - can do fantastic things, and sometimes science uncovers phenomena no one even dreamed was possible. Because it’s fun to shock and astound friends and relations with incredible facts, we’re going to investigate some of [...]

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Increase Your Gift-Giving Budget by Saving on Holiday Lighting

I always watch the annual installment of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and I'm a fan of the scene where Charlie Brown laments how Snoopy is going “commercial” by decorating his doghouse for aChristmas lighting competition. Suffice to say - A LOT has changed about holiday [...]

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Turn Off the Lights! 8 Ingenious Ideas for Bulbless Holiday Decorations

The holidays call for embracing all the magic and wonder of the most wonderful time of the year, and part of this celebration includes decorating our homes inside and out. But you don’t have to see an increase on your electricity bill due to the high energy use that comes [...]

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Top Energy Efficient Products to Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When it comes to holiday gifts, refrigerators and washing machines just don’t leap readily to mind or onto your wish list - no matter how energy efficient they might be. Luckily, there are several less expensive, hipper, and equally practical gift ideas to enhance your ho [...]

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Understand Your Texas Electricity Bill with EmPOWERing Insights from Bounce Energy

We’re always looking for ways to help you figure out what’s happening on your electricity bill each month. You need to pay that bill to keep your lights on, but you want to understand all those charges before you pay them. We get it – we’re energy customers too – b [...]

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Fun with Less Kilowatts: Part 4 – Solar Energy

Welcome to our new series - Fun with Less Kilowatts. Each week, we’ll provide a different fun and educational activity for kids to teach them about energy. Each exercise is easy, entertaining, fun, and educational. We hope this series helps gets kids interested in energy s [...]

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