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3 BIG Energy Efficiency Home Improvements to Make with Your Tax Return

According to CNN, the average IRS tax return is $3,034 —which is a significant chunk-o-change. In fact, three grand can cover half or even all of the three biggest energy efficiency home improvement projects in an average home: insulation and air sealing, energy efficient [...]

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LED Lamp

Light Bulb Prices Burning Your Wallet? Comparing Halogen Bulbs to LEDs

No doubt you're already aware that LED bulbs use far less electricity compared with incandescent bulbs. That's because the old-school incandescent bulbs use electrical resistance to heat the filament until it glows. Consequently, about 90% of the energy an incandescent bulb [...]

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4 Tips to Save Energy at Home When You’re on Vacation

When making travel plans, you go through a series of checklists. Confirm airfare? Check. Confirm accommodations? Check. Pack for yourself, your spouse, and your kids? Check. Great - you're ready to head out the door - almost. People often forget about preparing their hous [...]

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Plug in Wall Outlet

7 Appliances You Didn’t Know were Costing You Money (Guest Post by Mark Enright of Enviko)

When it comes to energy-sucking appliances in the home, we all know who the main culprits are. There are plenty of articles on the Internet warning of the dangers of incandescent bulbs and fan heaters, but what are some of the energy wasters that fly under the radar and don [...]

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Getting Ready for the Cold with the Winter Preparedness Checklist

According to the thermometer outside, Old Man Winter wants to come inside to set up his winter wonderland in your living room. No worries. Here's an easy-to-follow winter preparedness checklist to help you make your home warmer to keep the low temperatures and chilly wind [...]

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11 Yard Work Ideas for Your Fall To-Do List

Fall is a season not only for harvest but also time to get your yard ready for a long winter's nap. With snow having already fallen in some parts of the country, you can bet that cold winter winds and ice are not far behind. Are you ready? Me neither. Not to worry, though [...]

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Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter Weather — Your Fall Flue-To-Do List

If your home has a fireplace, the soft crackling of fallen leaves under your feet may remind you of spending toasty evenings watching the flames. That crackling should also remind you about the cinders, ash, and soot that you promised back in the spring to clean up before [...]

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Celebrate National Energy Awareness Month by Learning about Energy Usage around Your Home

October is not just important for Oktoberfest or Halloween. It's also National Energy Awareness Month! The White House has chosen this October to underscore the national importance of energy not only to our economy, but also its effect on our security and environmental well [...]

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Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall Weather

With fall weather already here and the truly cold temperatures on the move, it's time to start getting your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system ready to change over from cooling to heating. In this piece, we'll touch on some of the things you should do and [...]

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Prepare Your Furnace for Fall Weather

With fall weather already here and the heating season about to begin, now is the time to make sure your furnace is ready to keep your family warm during the fall and into the long winter months. To be sure, there are many other kinds of heating systems out there (radiant hea [...]

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