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Checkin’ Out the Cold: Our 2014-2015 Winter Weather Outlook

[caption id="attachment_15380" align="alignright" width="300"] Wintertime El Nino Pattern image courtesy of the ENSO Blog at[/caption] Much of the weather forecasts for this winter have relied upon the emergence of a weak El Niño this winter. There's just bee [...]

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Christmas Lights and Energy Efficiency – the Possibilities of LED Lights

Thanksgiving has gone, the leftovers have all been eaten, and most of us are now enjoying the official start of the Christmas season. This is the time to start decking the halls, walls, and trees with lots of lighting. It is also the time the most extravagant seasonal deco [...]

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5 Quick DIY Home Improvement Fixes to Get Your Home Through Winter

Not everyone lives in a certified energy efficient home. Even homes constructed one or two decades ago that follow energy efficient practices (at the time) aren't perfect — especially in residential developments where affordability was the main feature. But whether you [...]

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Lower Your Usage and Save with Bounce Back Energy Savings

Back in the day, Bounce Energy created a nifty program called Peak Rewards. The point of this fun feature was simple: if you lowered your energy usage when Texas needed it most (typically the depths of the summer), we’d reward you on your next bill. Well, after 2 successfu [...]

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August 29 NG storage

The US Natural Gas Update for Fall 2014

[caption id="attachment_14736" align="alignright" width="480"] Natural Gas Storage as of 08/29/2014. Image courtesy of[/caption] Last winter's whirling blob of arctic atmosphere, the Polar Vortex, paid several chilly winter visits to the United States [...]

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Nine Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly in College

Most students want to be environmentally responsible, but the trouble with being a college student is that classes, commuting, and studying eat up your time. More often than not, you find yourself relying on convenience rather that what's good for the environment. Wou [...]

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Announcing the Brilliant 24 Plan – Complete with a Honeywell Smart Thermostat!

[caption id="attachment_14624" align="alignleft" width="250"] Wifi 9000 Smart Thermostat[/caption] That headline speaks the truth: we have created a brand-new Texas electricity plan, one that combines fixed-rate energy with smart thermostat technology so that you can take [...]

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Five Games to Teach Your Kids Energy Efficiency (and Avoid the Summer Heat)

With kids home for the summer and the summer heat in full effect, now is a good time to find ways to teach kids about energy efficiency - for the present and the future.  While it would seem easier to train a monkey rather than teach kids about energy efficiency, there are [...]

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7 Tips for Energy Efficient Pool Maintenance

The average pool owner knows all-too-well the challenge of keeping their pools (and spas) clean. Many, however, are just beginning to learn how difficult and expensive that can be due to the amount of energy they're using.  The two biggest energy-using components effec [...]

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7 Tips for Eco-Friendly Pool Maintenance

Frolicking in a swimming pool in the summer can be great family fun. Cleaning and maintaining the pool? That usually isn't as much fun. Dirty pool water contains microorganisms and bacteria that can cause infections. While tossing in cupfuls of chemicals will clear the w [...]

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