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Creative Upcycled Halloween Costumes | Bounce Energy Blog

Creative DIY Upcycled Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a holiday that, much like many others, comes with a ghoulish nature of being disposable. Costumes are bought each year, candy is purchased and consumed in copious amounts, pumpkins are purchased, carved, and then tossed onto the compost pile, and decorations ar [...]

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Communicate Like the Pioneers - Pioneer Life in the 21st Century, Part 8 | Bounce Energy Blog

Communicate Like the Pioneers – Pioneer Life in the 21st Century, Part 8

Pioneer times were tough, and we would never suggest life without modern plumbing, refrigeration, or electricity! But with the fast pace of modern life, some folks have decided to learn skills from bygone eras. This includes purchasing local products made closer to hom [...]

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Fun with Less Kilowatts: Build Your Own Light Bulb

Welcome to Fun with Less Kilowatts! We believe that science experiments at home can be a creative way to engage kids in learning while having fun. They can be educational AND great activities to keep your kids busy and away from the television. Each month, we’ll feature a [...]

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5 Texas Spots for a Last-Minute Vacation | Bounce Energy Blog

5 Ideas for a Last-Minute Texas Vacation

Back to school season is upon us, but before you dive into new school supplies and early morning routines, you and your family have a few more weekends of summer fun. In Texas, there is no shortage of things to do. If you’re itching for a last-minute vacation, here are [...]

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Best Fried Chicken in Texas

With its long, varied history, fried chicken has become a staple of American cuisine. The harmony achieved between the crispy crust and the juicy meat is nearly an art form. American-style fried chicken is going through something of a culinary explosion. People all over [...]

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Fourth of July Events in Houston and Dallas | Bounce Energy Blog

Fourth of July Events in Houston and Dallas

Looking for a fun day out to celebrate the Land of Liberty? Texas is packed with ways to spend your Fourth of July, many of which finish with a grand display of fireworks lighting up the sky! Here’s a sampler of the many happenings around Houston and Dallas. Hous [...]

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Fun Outdoor Venues in Texas | Bounce Energy Blog

Fun Outdoor Venues in Texas

We work hard to beat the heat here in Texas, but one advantage to living in a state where the snow doesn’t fall means that year round, we can enjoy entertainment at outdoor venues. From family outdoor theatre, to live music by local and international artists at world clas [...]

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6 Fun Craft Projects to Do with Your Kids | Bounce Energy Blog

6 Fun Craft Projects to Do with Your Kids

It’s summertime, and crafting with your kids is a great way to spend a summer afternoon inside the cool AC, when the temps are too high to get out in the sun and hit the pool! Using a few supplies that you may already have inside the craft or kitchen cupboard, we share id [...]

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5 Free Things to Do in Texas This Weekend with Your Family | Bounce Energy Blog

5 Inexpensive Things to Do in Texas This Weekend with Your Family

Summer is a great time to get out there as a family and take advantage of everything the Lone Star State has to offer. There’s a bunch of free events, shows and activities to choose from across Texas. So this weekend, be sure to get out and get some dirt under your shoes. [...]

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Enjoy the Holiday Weekend with These Party Recipes

Memorial Day weekend is a time to be with our friends and family and celebrate our freedom. If you plan on having a Memorial Day get-together, try these energy-efficient and party-worthy recipes. Cheesy Steak Stuffed Mushrooms These hearty mushrooms are the perfect [...]

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