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Transferring Your Bounce Energy Service to Your New Texas Home

We want your move to be as easy as possible, so we've made transferring your Bounce Energy service to your new Texas home simple. Stick with us. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of like you deserve. Here’s what you need to know about how to Bounce with us to your [...]

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4 Tips to Help You Save Money when Moving

Regardless of whether you have movers, are doing it yourself, or have coerced your friends into helping out, you have a long road ahead of you any time you plan to move. No matter how prepared you think you are, there are going to be a couple of bumps in the road on the way [...]

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BE - moving to texas

Moving to Texas for the First Time? Let Bounce Energy Help!

Moving somewhere new can be an exciting event, especially if the place you are moving to is the great state of Texas. Whether you are looking for a bustling big city or quaint small town, Texas has it all. While the idea of moving can be exciting, the actual act of packing, [...]

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Moving this Summer? Let Bounce Energy Help You “BE Home”

Did you know that every year, about 43 million Americans move? That’s a lot of people this year that could be stressed trying to figure out how to make those moves happen. Maybe one of those people is YOU.  That’s why we want to help make moving as easy as possible! Bo [...]

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5 Tips for Spotting an Unlicensed Mover

Summer is the busiest time of the year for people leaving one residence for another; and moving is one of the most stressful events you can experience. Many people look into hiring a moving company to take care of the hardest parts of the transition. However, hiring those mo [...]

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Moving Day Box

9 Ways to Save Money, Time, and Energy on Preparing for Moving Day

There are very few people who enjoy the process of moving, as wonderful as your new home might be. It can be physically and emotionally difficult to pack up your entire home and switch locations, but it is a job that most people need to do at least a few times over the c [...]

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7 Tips for Maximizing Moving Day and Your Moving Company

As moving day draws nearer, you and your family are becoming ever more excited about the prospect of moving into your new home, but you’re also worried about not having an easy move. There are some things you can do, however, to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as pos [...]

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5 Ways to Make Your Move Environmentally Friendly with Bounce Energy

5 Ways to Make Your Move Environmentally Friendly

Whether it’s your dream house or the latest in a string of apartments, moving into a new home can be quite exciting. But it can be a bit difficult to complete that move while remaining friendly to the environment. By implementing these five unique tips in some fashion, you [...]

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The Bounce Energy Move Concierge takes the Stress out of Moving

Whether you’ve bought your first home ever, trading up for something better, or starting over entirely, moving into a new house or apartment should be a really exhilarating event. Unfortunately, most of us dread the actual process of moving – even the mere thought of pac [...]

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Heading Towards a Greener Real Estate Market

Heading Towards a Greener Real Estate and Housing Market – By Home Star Research (Guest Blog)

Real estate markets have been in considerable trouble for the last five years. Indications are suggesting that the housing slump has finally touched bottom and the market is starting to come back. This recovery appears to be moving upwards gradually. While that can be fr [...]

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