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Plan Spotlight: Executive and Preferred Membership Plans

Looking for something new and interesting from your favorite Texas electricity company? Wanting a fresh twist on the traditional idea of what an electricity plan could be? Look no further than the Executive Membership and Preferred Membership plans from Bounce Energy! These [...]

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BE - road rage

4 Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Daily Commute

[caption id="attachment_14786" align="alignright" width="300"] Driver image courtesy of stockimages at[/caption] Picture this: you wake up and get ready for work, sit in traffic while commuting to your job, and then work all day - only to get back in [...]

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August 29 NG storage

The US Natural Gas Update for Fall 2014

[caption id="attachment_14736" align="alignright" width="480"] Natural Gas Storage as of 08/29/2014. Image courtesy of[/caption] Last winter's whirling blob of arctic atmosphere, the Polar Vortex, paid several chilly winter visits to the United States [...]

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Texas, ERCOT, and the Electricity Outlook for Summer 2014

[caption id="attachment_14279" align="alignright" width="300"] Image Air_Conditioners_2865.JPG By Alvimann courtesy of[/caption] According to predictions from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) meteorologist Chris Coleman, the chances are v [...]

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Examining the Predictions and Forecasts for the 2014 Hurricane Season

With Memorial Day over and the kids out of school for the summer, people eye June 1 as the start of the 2014 Hurricane Season in the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, the Pacific Ocean has already seen its first major storm. Hurricane Amanda quickly formed in mid May, and by Sunday [...]

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Plan Spotlight: Thrilling 36

You’re the type of person who longs for security. You seek the long-term commitment in every aspect of life you can control, from your personal relationships to the consumer goods you purchase. You like knowing where things are coming from and where they’re going on a da [...]

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Coal Pricing Update for Spring 2014

At first glance, American coal seems to have had a bad year. Falling production from loss of investment, lack of interest in federal land leases, and low profitability — all point to coal sluggishly waning as an electric generation fuel stock. The reason: coal may be cheap [...]

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BE - feb temps

Low Temperatures & High Electricity Bills in February? Switch to Bounce Energy!

Those February temperatures reached some crazy lows. Freezing rain, snow, and ice have plagued many parts of the US, which have caused countless problems. Aside from the dangerous issues resulting from these arctic blasts, another residual effect, for some, has been high ele [...]

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Spring 2014 Natural Gas Price Update

To say that winter this year has been bitterly cold sounds like an understatement. In northern United States, the only signs of spring are the garden seeds and Easter candy on sale at the local home center. Winter's icy grip is still forcing consumers to crank up their therm [...]

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Photovoltaic Cells

Exploring Alternative Energy Technology: Photovoltaic Cells

Welcome to our monthly series entitled “Exploring Alternative Energy Technology.” We hope to share information about emerging technology with our readers in a format that is both educational and entertaining. In this month's installment, we’re discussing the scienc [...]

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