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How to Shop for Central Air Conditioning | Bounce Energy Blog

How to Shop for Central Air Conditioning

While most homeowners love their homes, not every home is perfect. There are one or two things the homeowner would like to change, such as an outdated bathtub for a new walk-in shower or updating the look of their kitchen. And then there’s occasional “uh-oh” of the une [...]

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How Can High Temperatures Affect My Texas Electricity Bill?

High summer temperatures in Texas mean running your air conditioner longer. Let’s say you’ve set your AC at 72°F. Because of the heat, your system is running frequently, which means you’re using a lot of electricity: around 3,500 watts/hour for a 3 ton central air u [...]

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It’s Hot Outside: 6 Ways to Stay Cool Without Overworking Your Air Conditioner

A Texas heat wave is never fun. And, if you've pushed your AC up to 80 degrees because of a Peak Event, it can be daunting. Current weather forecasts show we’re still in for high temperatures throughout the rest of the month. So, if you need ways to stay comfortable withou [...]

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