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12 Days of Deals: Day 1 – BE Merry

For the 1st Days of Deals, Bounce Energy gave to me … a Gift Card to Amazon for Fifty!  That’s right! Bounce Energy has returned with its annual 12 Days of Deals extravaganza! And in the spirit of the holidays, you get all the benefits, rewards, and good stuff that [...]

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Help Toys for Tots and Bounce Energy Bring Christmas to Kids in Need

What makes the holiday season so special is that it actively encourages us to think about the world around us. It’s that time of year when our hearts grow a little larger, our eyes look for more wonder, and our senses revel in the smells and sounds you only hear once a yea [...]

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Celebrate Cyber Monday with Bounce Energy and Win Great Rewards

[caption id="attachment_15122" align="alignright" width="400"] Start saving at 7am CST in Texas![/caption] Hopefully, you’ve recovered from the shopping shenanigans of Black Friday, and you've found all the deals you hoped for on the wonderful presents you purchased fo [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving from Bounce Energy!

While many countries have harvest-related celebrations, Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday. From the spirit of cooperation that marks the original stories of Pilgrims and Native Americans to the elaborate and food-fueled get-togethers we plan with our families, this [...]

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Pick Your $50 Gift Card: A Thanksgiving Treat from Bounce Energy

Do you know what I love most about Thanksgiving? While most holidays encourage us to be appreciative of something specific (which is never a bad thing), this time of year inspires a spirit of thankfulness that truly knows no bounds. So, this year, we wanted to spread the joy [...]

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Lower Your Usage and Save with Bounce Back Energy Savings

Back in the day, Bounce Energy created a nifty program called Peak Rewards. The point of this fun feature was simple: if you lowered your energy usage when Texas needed it most (typically the depths of the summer), we’d reward you on your next bill. Well, after 2 successfu [...]

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Help Up Support the Houston Food Bank this November

Help Us Support the Houston Food Bank this November

Later this month, friends and family will gather around tables across our great country to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday where we break bread with our loved ones, while showing our appreciation for everything we have. This November, Bounce Energy is taking the s [...]

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Halloween on Pinterest

Crafts and Candy – It’s Halloween on Pinterest!

The final countdown to Halloween is on! With only a few days left, it’s time for last-minute planning, costume making, craft building, and tasty Halloween-related cooking! We’ve been loving Pinterest this month with all the fun and spirited ideas we’ve found. Check out [...]

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Your Favorite Halloween Treat is Here – a $50 Gift Card for New Customers!

With Halloween only 3 days away, we know there will be trickery around every corner. From ghoulish games to spooky surprises, it’s a night to dress up, have fun, and eat delicious candy treats! This year, Bounce Energy is getting into the spirit (no, not a ghost!) by handi [...]

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Plan Spotlight: Executive and Preferred Membership Plans

Looking for something new and interesting from your favorite Texas electricity company? Wanting a fresh twist on the traditional idea of what an electricity plan could be? Look no further than the Executive Membership and Preferred Membership plans from Bounce Energy! These [...]

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