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August 29 NG storage

The US Natural Gas Update for Fall 2014

[caption id="attachment_14736" align="alignright" width="480"] Natural Gas Storage as of 08/29/2014. Image courtesy of[/caption] Last winter's whirling blob of arctic atmosphere, the Polar Vortex, paid several chilly winter visits to the United States [...]

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BE - nify 9

Plan Spotlight: the Nifty 9 is Perfect for College Students

There’s a lot going on during the college years. Between classes, studying and “extracurricular activities,” it's no wonder why trying to keep track of your energy bill isn’t high on the priority list. So this year, for those who are living off campus in an apartment [...]

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7 Tips for Energy Efficient Pool Maintenance

The average pool owner knows all-too-well the challenge of keeping their pools (and spas) clean. Many, however, are just beginning to learn how difficult and expensive that can be due to the amount of energy they're using.  The two biggest energy-using components effec [...]

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Texas, ERCOT, and the Electricity Outlook for Summer 2014

[caption id="attachment_14279" align="alignright" width="300"] Image Air_Conditioners_2865.JPG By Alvimann courtesy of[/caption] According to predictions from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) meteorologist Chris Coleman, the chances are v [...]

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LED Lamp

Light Bulb Prices Burning Your Wallet? Comparing Halogen Bulbs to LEDs

No doubt you're already aware that LED bulbs use far less electricity compared with incandescent bulbs. That's because the old-school incandescent bulbs use electrical resistance to heat the filament until it glows. Consequently, about 90% of the energy an incandescent bulb [...]

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Plan Spotlight: Thrilling 36

You’re the type of person who longs for security. You seek the long-term commitment in every aspect of life you can control, from your personal relationships to the consumer goods you purchase. You like knowing where things are coming from and where they’re going on a da [...]

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Coal Pricing Update for Spring 2014

At first glance, American coal seems to have had a bad year. Falling production from loss of investment, lack of interest in federal land leases, and low profitability — all point to coal sluggishly waning as an electric generation fuel stock. The reason: coal may be cheap [...]

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BE - feb temps

Low Temperatures & High Electricity Bills in February? Switch to Bounce Energy!

Those February temperatures reached some crazy lows. Freezing rain, snow, and ice have plagued many parts of the US, which have caused countless problems. Aside from the dangerous issues resulting from these arctic blasts, another residual effect, for some, has been high ele [...]

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electricity bill

Plan Spotlight: Short-Term Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans

As much as the weather seems to fluctuate, your energy rate can too. While some choose variable-rate electricity plans to potentially take advantage of fluctuating rates, it can also be tiring keeping up with the changes. So, what’s the answer? Lock in an electricity plan [...]

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Plug in Wall Outlet

7 Appliances You Didn’t Know were Costing You Money (Guest Post by Mark Enright of Enviko)

When it comes to energy-sucking appliances in the home, we all know who the main culprits are. There are plenty of articles on the Internet warning of the dangers of incandescent bulbs and fan heaters, but what are some of the energy wasters that fly under the radar and don [...]

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