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12 Days of Deals: Day 4 – Movie Blockbusters

For the 4th Day of Deals, Bounce Energy gave to me … 4 tickets to the movies!  Who knew that 4 days of deal-slingin’ could pass by so quickly? We hope that you’ve enjoyed our procession through the 2014 Bounce Energy 12 Days of Deals so far, because we sure have! [...]

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12 Days of Deals: Day 3 – Rock Around the Christmas Tree

For the 3rd Day of Deals, Bounce Energy gave to me … a Gift Card for Five and Twenty!  We’re smack dab in the middle of the first week of Bounce Energy’s 12 Days of Deals for 2014, and the goodness just keeps comin’. Who doesn’t enjoy the power to choose? Y [...]

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Christmas Lights and Energy Efficiency – the Possibilities of LED Lights

Thanksgiving has gone, the leftovers have all been eaten, and most of us are now enjoying the official start of the Christmas season. This is the time to start decking the halls, walls, and trees with lots of lighting. It is also the time the most extravagant seasonal deco [...]

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12 Days of Deals: Day 2 – Dine In On Us

For the 2nd Day of Deals, Bounce Energy gave to me … a $50 gift card for groceries!  Welcome to Day 2 of the 2014 installment of Bounce Energy’s 12 Days of Deals! For everyone who partook of yesterday’s festivities, we hope you enjoy your present AND your electric [...]

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12 Days of Deals: Day 1 – BE Merry

For the 1st Days of Deals, Bounce Energy gave to me … a Gift Card to Amazon for Fifty!  That’s right! Bounce Energy has returned with its annual 12 Days of Deals extravaganza! And in the spirit of the holidays, you get all the benefits, rewards, and good stuff that [...]

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The US Natural Gas Outlook for 2014-2015 Winter

Natural gas as a generator fuel dominates four of seven areas in the United States. Texas and the Western States rely on natural gas for more than 50%. Florida uses nearly 70%. And over 95% of the fuel consumed in the Northeastern states (including New York) for generating e [...]

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Celebrate Cyber Monday with Bounce Energy and Win Great Rewards

[caption id="attachment_15122" align="alignright" width="400"] Start saving at 7am CST in Texas![/caption] Hopefully, you’ve recovered from the shopping shenanigans of Black Friday, and you've found all the deals you hoped for on the wonderful presents you purchased fo [...]

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old window

5 Quick DIY Home Improvement Fixes to Get Your Home Through Winter

Not everyone lives in a certified energy efficient home. Even homes constructed one or two decades ago that follow energy efficient practices (at the time) aren't perfect — especially in residential developments where affordability was the main feature. But whether you [...]

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Lower Your Usage and Save with Bounce Back Energy Savings

Back in the day, Bounce Energy created a nifty program called Peak Rewards. The point of this fun feature was simple: if you lowered your energy usage when Texas needed it most (typically the depths of the summer), we’d reward you on your next bill. Well, after 2 successfu [...]

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Plan Spotlight: Executive and Preferred Membership Plans

Looking for something new and interesting from your favorite Texas electricity company? Wanting a fresh twist on the traditional idea of what an electricity plan could be? Look no further than the Executive Membership and Preferred Membership plans from Bounce Energy! These [...]

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