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How Much Energy Does This Appliance Use? Your Coffee Maker

How Much Energy Does My Coffee Maker Use?

Saving energy (and money) is always easier when you know how much you’re using. But because many of the convenient smaller appliances we use seem to draw little amounts of power, we all too often discount how their use really does impact our electricity bills. With our How [...]

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Celebrate the Summer with Gift Cards and Bill Credits from Bounce Energy

Ready to enjoy the summer and a brand-new Texas electricity company? We thought so! Throughout the months of June and July, we’re offering a different prize each Monday to everyone who becomes a new Bounce Energy customer. Here’s how you can get rewarded: June [...]

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Why is My Electricity Bill So High? Part 1 – Understanding Your HVAC Unit

Though we hate to admit it, we're more frustrated with our monthly electricity bills arrive than we’d like to admit. Besides - it’s easy to forget about your energy usage when you’re busy, and by the time your bill arrives, you’ve either forgotten what you did or y [...]

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How Can I Make My Home Energy Efficient? – Summer Prep Series Part 4

How Can I Make My Home Energy Efficient? Summer Prep Series Part 4

May has arrived in Texas, so it’s time for music, weddings, Cinco de Mayo, and the first waves of summertime heat and humidity. In a state where the daily summer temperature hovers between “well-done” and “nuclear,” you know how hard it is to cool your home while [...]

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the table

Celebrate Our 8th Birthday with Savings on Your Electricity Bill!

Bounce Energy Turns 8, and You Could Earn 50% Off Your Bill! Wow! It’s hard to believe we’ve been around for 8 years! It all began back in 2008 around a little wooden table in our founder’s kitchen. We are proud to serve customers across the great state of Texas, giv [...]

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Can the Spring 2016 Natural Gas Market Affect My Electricity Bill?

More states rely on natural gas powered generators than ever. In fact natural gas makes up about half of the generation capacity for Texas, while the Northeast United States is 95% powered by natural gas. Thus, understanding what’s happening in the natural gas industry ca [...]

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Increase Your Gift-Giving Budget by Saving on Holiday Lighting

I always watch the annual installment of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and I'm a fan of the scene where Charlie Brown laments how Snoopy is going “commercial” by decorating his doghouse for aChristmas lighting competition. Suffice to say - A LOT has changed about holiday [...]

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Production, Weather, and Prices – the Winter 2016 Natural Gas Update

As more electric utilities burn natural gas to generate electricity, both the supply and price of natural gas have a direct effect on your monthly electric bill. The current huge El Niño is expected to peak in December 2015 with its strength diminishing to neutral by late [...]

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Start Saving This Season with the 12 Days of Deals from Bounce Energy

It’s that time of year again! We’re in the giving mood, and this means rolling out our annual 12 Days of Deals to help you save at some of your favorite stores this holiday season. [caption id="attachment_17856" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Bouncey Bunny wants to [...]

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Understand Your Texas Electricity Bill with EmPOWERing Insights from Bounce Energy

We’re always looking for ways to help you figure out what’s happening on your electricity bill each month. You need to pay that bill to keep your lights on, but you want to understand all those charges before you pay them. We get it – we’re energy customers too – b [...]

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