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Tax Free Shopping for Texas on ENERGY STAR Appliances this Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend means pool parties, hanging out with friends, three days off work for a majority of us (woo hoo!) and most importantly, honoring our brave veterans. Memorial Day weekend also happens to be the perfect time for those of you living in Texas to do some m [...]

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Check Out 7 Top Energy-Saving Gadgets from CES 2015

The annual Consumer Electronics Show took place earlier this past month to much anticipation. Yet, apart from drones roaming about the displays with GoPros strapped to them, there wasn't much overt buzz about the energy-saving gadgets. However, if you knew where to loo [...]

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7 Tips for Energy Efficient Pool Maintenance

The average pool owner knows all-too-well the challenge of keeping their pools (and spas) clean. Many, however, are just beginning to learn how difficult and expensive that can be due to the amount of energy they're using.  The two biggest energy-using components effec [...]

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3 BIG Energy Efficiency Home Improvements to Make with Your Tax Return

According to CNN, the average IRS tax return is $3,034 —which is a significant chunk-o-change. In fact, three grand can cover half or even all of the three biggest energy efficiency home improvement projects in an average home: insulation and air sealing, energy efficient [...]

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Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall Weather

With fall weather already here and the truly cold temperatures on the move, it's time to start getting your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system ready to change over from cooling to heating. In this piece, we'll touch on some of the things you should do and [...]

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Use Energy Efficient Low-E Window Coatings to Keep Your Home Cool

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post on how to install Energy Efficiency Windows. In the article, I outlined that energy efficient windows are rated in “U-factors” to describe how the glass conducts heat — either from the inside or the outside. The lower the window's [...]

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5 Tips for Making Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient (Guest Post by Ryan Edun)

Your central air conditioner: it’s the modern luxury that cools your family and your home when you need it most. And with above-average temperatures projected for this summer, we will really appreciate all the benefits provided by this technological marvel. However, air co [...]

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Energy Star in the News: A Texas Sales Tax Holiday and a Recap of Recent Articles

We’ve recently extolled the virtues of buying appliances with top Energy Star ratings, and it’s for a good reason. Sure, it might cost more initially to replace your outdated appliances, but with the savings you’ll rake in by being more energy efficient, you’ll pay f [...]

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Own an Energy Star Home? Study Shows You’re Less Likely to Foreclose!

Back in March, the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) funded a study by the University of North Carolina Center for Community Capital to assess whether residential homes built to Energy Star standard had the same rate of mortgage default as non-Energy Star homes. The [...]

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Save Money on Your Electricity Bill with These Top-Rated Energy Star Appliances

With summer heat on the way, many consumers will do anything possible to save money on the electricity bill. One of the most effective means of energy conservation is to purchase Energy Star qualified appliances. And with summer's hot temperatures in mind, let's take a look [...]

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