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Investigating the Status of the Coal Industry: the 2016 Winter-Spring Coal Update

Across the board, many market watchers and energy analysts are describing 2015-2016 as the beginning of the end for coal. Over 90% of coal mined in the US goes to power generation, but because of cheap natural gas, there’s less of it being burned and less of it being mined [...]

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Help Out ERCOT and Texas by Lowering Your Energy Usage Today

Calling All Texans! With major heat in the form of 100-plus degree temperatures today and for the next several days, ERCOT (the Electric Reliability Council of Texas) is asking residents of the Lone Star State to limit their energy usage today and tomorrow (July 30th-31st [...]

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Spring & Summer 2015: Weather Forecast & Your Energy Bill

Cold temperatures and new blankets of snow or ice in some parts of the country argue that winter’s not done yet. With Easter hopping into town on April 5, a lot of folks in the northeast are hoping their local egg hunt won’t get cancelled by a sudden blizzard. This pa [...]

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