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Lose the Lights! Pioneer Life in the 21st Century, Part 1 | Bounce Energy Blog

Lighting Alternatives – Pioneer Life in the 21st Century, Part 1

Pioneer times were tough, and we would never suggest life without modern plumbing, refrigeration, or electricity! But with the fast pace of modern life, some folks have decided to learn skills from bygone eras. This includes purchasing local products made closer to hom [...]

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How Do I Make My Floors Shine with Green Cleaning Products? | Bounce Energy Blog

How Do I Keep My Floors Clean with Green Cleaning Methods?

Welcome to Green Cleaning Solutions from Bounce Energy! In this series, we will share our best practices, favorite tips, and homegrown cleaning recipes - all designed to keep your home clean using environmentally friendly products and methods. We'll help you skip the gadgets [...]

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4 Gregarious Green New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family

It’s that time again! The New Year has arrived, which means the pull of making a few resolutions is almost irresistible. This year, instead of pledging unrealistic ways you’re going to change yourself, have your entire family choose to help the planet! While it is a clic [...]

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Debunking 7 Myths and Misunderstandings About Green Living | Bounce Energy Blog

Debunking 7 Myths and Misunderstandings About Green Living

How green are you really living? I constantly ask myself this question, even as I tend my garden or collect wood for my fireplace (as I don't have central heating in my home). It seems there's always some new debate in eco-friendly circles about how to best reduce humani [...]

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What is Biomimicry? And Can It Help with Global Food Concerns? | Bounce Energy Blog

What is Biomimicry?

And Can It Help with Global Food Concerns? Biomimicry. This is a term some people may be familiar with, but most of us aren't 100% clear on what it means. So let’s start with the basics, and turn to the Oxford English Dictionary. This esteemed resource defines biomimicr [...]

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Show Your Love for the Earth and Barbecue with Eco-Friendly Grilling | Bounce Energy Blog

Show Your Love for the Earth and Barbecue with Eco-Friendly Grilling

Get Your Green Grilling On! My wife pointed out earlier this month that it's been seven years since we moved to Texas. In this time, I have relished the wonderful barbecue that this state has to offer, but I have to confess - I've never developed any grilling skills. I a [...]

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How Can I Help My Kids Be Green? [Infographic]

Motivate Your Kids to Learn Green Habits We're big fans of helping your family to become green and energy efficient - especially the children! When kids adopt green living principles early in life, they're much more likely to follow them their entire lives. This infogr [...]

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Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Researching 4 Top Texas Green & Eco-Friendly Programs

At Bounce Energy, we are proud of our beginnings. We were created in 2008 by seven ambitious entrepreneurs who sought to create a successful Texas electricity company from scratch. In honor of those great creators, the Texas Entrepreneurs Series seeks to dive into the spir [...]

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Ecology house in hands

How Can I Be More Energy Efficient with My House Cleaning?

Have you ever watched young children tend to their chores at school? Warned of the dangers of electrical outlets, they don’t use vacuums to sweep the crumbs or blowers to rake the leaves. Without even knowing, their approach to chores is energy efficient! [caption id="a [...]

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Help Your Partner or Spouse Fall in Love with Energy Efficiency

We get it - talking energy and energy usage is not the most romantic topic. But if you're an earth-worshipping treehugger, and your partner is the sort who would rather eat the whales than save them, then you have a conundrum on your hands. The principles of saving energy [...]

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