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Compare Gexa Energy in Brownwood

Are you thinking about signing up or renewing with Gexa Energy? You have other options when selecting an electricity company in Brownwood. Get an apples to apples comparison between Gexa Energy and Bounce Energy in Brownwood. Compare electricity rates, plan selection, customer service, rewards programs and refer-a-friend programs.

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Brownwood Electricity Rates Comparison: Gexa Energy vs Bounce Energy

Comparing electricity rates for Gexa Energy and Bounce Energy in Brownwood is easy. You can always compare plans on, deep dive into both companies electronic facts labels, or you can always visit our "Versus" page that gives you a breakdown of Gexa's rates, plans and programs vs. Bounce Energy's. Generally, you can expect a savings of 5% annually off your Brownwood electricity bill (based on 2011 rate data).

Electricity Plan Selection for Brownwood Residents

The plans and rates offered by Gexa Energy and Bounce Energy are similar, both offer a variety of fixed-rate plans as well as green plans. Bounce Energy greatly differs from Gexa by offering an assortment of choices for month-to-month rate plans whereas Gexa only offers 2 month-to-month rate plans. For customers in Brownwood who have heard of stories of variable rates increasing without notice, they can rest assured with Bounce Energy's Smart Green and Smart Saver. An added bonus with these plans is that there is no limit to how much these rates decrease. Bounce Energy's Smart Saver and Smart Green variable rate plans are ideal for customers who are wary of variable rates but would still like to take advantage of rates when they fall month-to-month. The best part about plans include a 10% cap per month on rate increases while both of Gexa's month-to-month plans have a 25% cap, that's over twice as much as what Bounce Energy offers. With Bounce Energy, we offer a wide variety of plans because we know everyone is different. Not everyone is Brownwood wants to be on a fixed rate plan or a highly capped month-to-month plan. Some customers like the option to shop around for a plan that fits their needs and is competitively priced. All of those plan types and more are available for residents of Brownwood.

Customer Satisfaction

Bounce Energy been named multiple times the #1 electricity provider in Texas by, a 3rd party consumer reviews and ratings web site that gathers data on all providers in the market. Bounce Energy also consistently outranks Gexa Energy at other web sites that gather customer reviews online. Bounce Energy also offers a customers a myriad of options for contacting them as well as finding help online be it through extensive FAQs, online customer support, or utilizing social media to ensure satisfied customers. As the most-liked energy company, Bounce Energy understands how important customer satisfaction and would like to extend their services to customers in Brownwood.

Comparing Gexa Energy and Bounce Energy Rewards for Brownwood

Though Bounce Energy and Gexa Energy provide Brownwood customers with rewards, Gexa only offers Airline Miles whereas Bounce Energy has a number of rewards programs such as:

  • Bounce Energy Rewards where you earn bill credits, movie tickets, gift cards and free electricity
  • Cash Back Rewards where you earn 3% cash back on your electricity each time you pay your bill on-time for 12 bills.
  • American AAdvantage Miles Rewards where you earn airline miles for each dollar you spend toward your electricity bill.
  • American Express Rewards Program where you can earn up to 300 points each month when you use your American Express card to pay your bill.

Bounce Energy wants to offer you not only a wide variety of plans to choose from, Bounce also offers a wide variety of rewards programs as well. Bounce Energy wants to give you to ability to choose a plan perfect for your needs.

Comparing Refer-a-Friend Programs

If you're the type of customer who loves to refer friends and earn money for it, Bounce Energy's program is the best in the market. Gexa currently does not have a referral program for Brownwood residents. With Bounce Energy, customers who refer their friends will earn a $50 bill credit and their friend will also earn a $50 bill credit. Bounce Energy allows you to refer an unlimited number of your Brownwood neighbors. Bounce Energy also provides a number of tools in your MyAccount portal that allows you to easier take advantage of the program, including a tool that posts messages to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as, email capabilities and printable business cards with your unique refer-a-friend code and link.

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I switched from YEP to Bounce Energy 6 months ago. not only do I not regret the decision, but I am constantly thankful I made the switch. Every month, my bill is lower than it ever was with YEP. Bounce has DEFINITELY saved me money. Not only with lower bills, but YEP never offered any way to earn rewards. I don't see myself switching again any time soon.
Starla E., (posted on Facebook)


I got tired of TXU ripping me off so I switched to Bounce. My first bill was way lower. I am recommended them to everyone.
Carson P., Houston, TX

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