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Energy Efficiency Tips for College Students

Energy Efficiency Tips for College Students

Energy efficiency in college is equal parts conserving the limited resources of our planet and your wallet wallet! Many resources exist to help people become educated about the process, as we all want to protect the environment and our budgets.

Live Closer to Campus

When picking a location to live for college, opt to get a place close to campus or on campus to you can walk or ride a bike to class instead of driving to school. Some schools have created "Go Green Ride" incentives where students are grouped together depending on where they live and receive better parking if they decide to carpool.

Keep an Eye Out for Local Programs

Many local governments actively develop initiatives to encourage its residents to be more energy efficient and/or green. Contact your city council member or City Hall to see what's available in your area - this could include air filters, water filters, and more.

Let the Sunshine In

When it's bright outside in the daytime, turn off the light switch and open the blinds! In fact, try to turn on lights in your home only after the sun sets. Do your reading and writing near a window or even outside, and your body will appreciate the Vitamin D your body soaks up while your electricity bill will appreciate shrinking.

Share Appliances

If you are living in a dorm room with roommates and have separate televisions and/or mini-refrigerators, attempt to consolidate and invest in one refrigerator. Label your items so they are not confused and locate them in a common area that everyone can access - including any guests.

Shop Smart for Electricity

One of the more annoying aspects of the classic "college apartment" is you might only live there for a couple semesters out of the entire year. Sure, some students stay all year because of a job in the area, but many others return home during winter and summer breaks. It's a hassle, and it's a waste of money to rent a place you don't leave - especially when it comes to buying an electricity plan for only the school year.

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