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5 Tips For Green Parenting

Green Parenting Tips

Looking for ways you can introduce green and earth-friendly habits to your kids and family? Try these five tips to help save the environment!

Rethink the Baby Wipes

Simply put, wipes aren't nearly as flushable or biodegradable as some companies claim. They're backing up septic systems and overflowing landfills around the world. Look instead for companies selling actual 100% biodegradable wipes - like Water Wipes - or make your own DIY wipes at home!

Switch to Cloth Diapers

Kids use an average of eight diapers a day until they are potty-trained. So if you take an average age of 2½ years to potty train a child then you are looking at approximately 7,300 used diapers and that is just for one child! Just think of all the diapers out there that are in landfills for years (along with the wipes).

An alternative to using disposable diapers are today's version of cloth diapers. Thankfully, cloth diaper technology has improved in the last couple of decades to include inserts that fit inside the cloth diapers, making cleanup much easier. A company called gDiapers has created a 100% biodegradable insert that is actually safe to flush down the toilet.

Purchase Wood Toys

The book Green Parenting tells us that plastic and battery operated toys can contain hazardous materials such as phthalates or plastic softeners. This can be dangerous for many reasons, one primarily because it seems that most babies learn by putting things in their mouths. So the answer to this is to purchase wood toys finished with nontoxic paint instead of the plastic ones. They may not be as shiny or as loud (which actually may be a good thing for parents), but they don't contain the dangerous toxins which is key.

Look for Toy and Clothing Swaps

Kids require lots of clothes, shoes, and toys, but they also outgrow them faster than your average budget can keep up. Combat the rise of "too much stuff" by looking for toy and clothing exchanges in your area. This can help save a lot of money and storage space.

Make Your Own Baby Food (or Buy Organic)

Simply put, making baby food for your kid is easier than you think - and these 6 tips will help! But if making baby food isn't your thing you can always purchase organic baby food at your local grocery store, which is also healthy and nutritious.

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