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What is the Average Electricity Bill?

average bill for electricity

The monthly electricity bill causes stress and frustration for many people. You want to keep your budget under control, especially in tough economic times, but it's hard to do so when the balance on your electricity bill changes each month. You've even locked in a great fixed rate plan for your electricity usage, but since the amount of electricity you use fluctuates each billing cycle, you're having difficulty figuring out how much money you have to set aside in your budget each month to pay your bills. But what if you could receive an average bill for electricity each month? Wouldn't life be a bit easier that way?

It certainly would, and Bounce Energy happily provides all eligible customers the opportunity to enroll in Balanced Billing. With this service, Bounce will calculate the levelized energy usage for your service address in order to prepare a Balanced Billing quote. Once you accept that quote for the specific amount of kilowatt-hour (kWH) usage, you will then receive an average bill for electricity on your next 6 subsequent bills.

At the end of the 6-month billing cycle, Bounce will then calculate a "true-up" for your service address, which is the amount of kWh usage you actually used. This amount can be over or under your quoted amount, depending upon how much electricity you used. If you used more energy than you were quoted, you will be assessed that amount on your 6th bill, but if you used less energy than you were quoted, you will be extended that amount as a credit. Also, you will be given the opportunity to stop receiving an average bill for electricity, request a new Balanced Billing quote, or continue in the program at your current reading.

Please be advised that the average rate you see on the rates/plans page is based upon 2,000 kWh of usage, and the monthly delivery fees are bundled into the rate. When you receive your bill, you will find that the rates that Bounce charges for your energy have been un-bundled from the TDU Fees. You can click in the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for each plan to learn more about the breakdown between the charges assessed to you by Bounce and the TDSP/utility company for your area.

Bounce Energy also has a Savings Tool that can help you compare your current or previous provider with Bounce's rates. You simply enter your rate and what your monthly usage is on average and you can see what your estimated annual savings with a selected Bounce Energy plan would be. This tool may be helpful if you're shopping around and trying to find the best plan for you and your budget.

This Balanced Billing program is available to all Bounce Energy customers who are not delinquent in payment at the time of enrollment. Call Customer Care today at 1-888-452-6862 to learn more about how you can receive an average bill for electricity at your home!

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