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Looking for CenterPoint Electricity?

Centerpoint Electricity

Understanding the Role of CenterPoint Energy in the Texas Electricity Market

In 2002, the Texas Senate passed the bill that would deregulate electricity for most of the state. Since then, most Texans have enjoyed the ability to shop around for their Retail Electricity Provider or REP. But your REP isn't the company that actually transmits and delivers the electricity to your home - that's actually the job of your Transmission and Delivery Service Provider, or TDSP. Texas has a total of five TDSP currently serving the state, and one of these companies is CenterPoint Energy, a Fortune 500 company.

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The area shown in yellow signify the Centerpoint service area footprint.

Founded in 1882, CenterPoint Electricity is headquartered in Houston, TX where they service over 5 million customers annually. CenterPoint may already sound familiar to some people because they also provide natural gas service to Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

In the case of power outages caused by severe weather, broken poles, or downed power lines customers should contact the TDSP for their area and not their REP. Since the TDSP is the one that actually transmits electricity to you, customers who have CenterPoint Electricity as their TDSP should contact them directly to ensure these issues are addressed quickly. CenterPoint customers can contact them by calling 713-207-2222 or toll free at 1-800-332-7143. You can also find CenterPoint online here, or you can reach them on their Facebook or their Twitter.

If you are a customer in the CenterPoint electricity service area, you can receive electricity from Bounce Energy. To learn more about how Bounce can power your home or small business contact our Customer Care today at 1-888-452-6862 or visit us online.

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