Microsoft’s ‘2019’ Shows The Future of Energy Usage Monitoring?

By Bouncey, March 17, 2009, Energy Efficiency, Green, News, Save Money

In June 2007, while at a conference in Seattle, I got an invite from a colleague at Microsoft to drive over to Redmond and see the “Microsoft Future House” (it had an official name, but I can’t remember what it was). Before entering, I had to sign an NDA and was sworn to secrecy. What I saw there was nothing short of spectacular. I saw some of the “coolest” technological advancements seemingly possible. What was explained to me, if i remember correctly, was the house was upgraded every 5 years and it takes 2 years to do so, leaving it open it for 3. I was told that many of things I would have seen in this house in the mid-90s was now available and I was using it, whether it be through computing or cellular advancements. I left there feeling pretty good about what Microsoft was working on and hoping that many of the advancements were not TOO far in the future. Of course, they didn’t mention anything about the year 2019.

Microsoft was recently giving a public demo of their vision of the year 2019 at the Wharton Business Technology Conference and showed this video (and below). Although many of the things in the video looked familiar from my trip to the house, almost all look to be at least 2019 away and straight out of the movie Minority Report.  One clip, however, did strike my immediate attention, at the 4:30 mark of the video, it shows the Power Usage display on the wall in light. Are we really 2019 away from something like this being available?

With today’s focus on energy conservation and money savings, we need a real-time measure of what we’re using and spending. Enter the smart meter, a device aimed to do just that. President Obama recently promised, included in his economic stimulus plan, the addition of 40 million smart meters in homes across the U.S. Europe is already rolling out their version of the smart meter and, according to reports, helping consumers conserve and save.

But in actuality, it could still be a few years until you have access to these smart meters (at least it won’t be 2019, we hope).

So what can do in the meantime? There are companies like Standard Renewable Energy offering products like their Home Energy Cost Monitor:

“The SRE Home Energy Cost Monitor
provides real-time feedback on your home’s energy consumption. With
visibility into how your home uses energy, you have the knowledge you
need to make simple and immediate changes that can save energy and save

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