The Beauty of Texas Electricity Deregulation: Easy Switching

By energy_linguist, May 8, 2009, FAQs

You've probably heard the term deregulation a few times, but like most of us, it sounds a bit too heavy on the energy lingo to make much practical sense on the surface. Have no fear. Deregulation, in a nutshell, is quite simple. And one of it's greatest benefits lies in the ease of switching providers without interrupting service. Kind of like buying new kicks without the guy who smells like shoe leather pelting you with endless questions.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas is your gatekeeper so to speak when it comes tp ensuring yo get the benefits of electricity competition while your legal rights as a consumer are protected. You can switch electricity providers in any of Texas' deregulated areas (Dallas, Houston, Waco, etc.)  

Things to consider a big win when switching Texas electricity companies:

  • No interruption in service. Simply sign up for service with a company available in your area and they will take care of the rest.
  • Wide variety of products and pricing; more options = more chances to save.
  • The peace of mind that comes with lower rates or simply better customer service. You're never stuck with only one option in most cases.
  • Three words: renewable energy options

The ease at which you can switch providers is really big plus when it comes to deregulation, and often an overlooked aspect. Feel free to check out the residential electricity plans and rates from Bounce Energy to see if you can lower your monthly bills. The incentives for new service certainly don't hurt either.

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