Bounce Energy Launches Education Center to Help Customers Understand Texas Electric Choice, Billing, Plan and Rate Options and More.

By Paul Colgin, June 18, 2009, Energy Efficiency, FAQs, News, Save Money, Special Offers

Your Electric Bill can be one of your most confusing bills to read, and Texas Electricity in general can be stressful to understand. That’s why Bounce Energy has created a portal to help Texans understand the Texas deregulated electricity market better.


Texas Electricity Education Center from Bounce Energy


Here are a few things the Education Center can offer you.

Texas Electric Choice and Your Power to Choose
Learn about your Power to Choose a Texas Electricity Company that is right for you. Find out about the history of deregulation in the Texas Electricity Market, and how it came to be what it is today. See how easy it is to make the switch to Bounce Energy and understand the switching process.

Understand your Texas Electricity Bill
What is your ESIID? What does kWh stand for? Get a breakdown of what the things on your bill actually mean. Learn More about Your Electric Bill

Energy Efficiency Tips and Information

The Bounce Energy Education Center also provides you with a collection of energy efficiency tips that can save you money on your next electricity bill! Learn how your home can run at peak efficiency while saving you money each month.

Know the Language
Do you speak Texas Electricity?  No worries, most people don’t. Here’s a glossary so you can look up those acronyms and words, along with their definitions.

Bounce Energy FAQ’s
Where can you pay your bill? How do I report a power outage? Get answers to your questions regarding Bounce Energy. Frequently Asked Questions

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