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By energy_linguist, June 28, 2009, News, Special Offers

Curious as to what, in addition to the unique rate plans and prices, makes Bounce Energy a bit different from your average Texas electricity provider? Your average incentive for signing up for electricity varies  by company, but generally include bill credits and other like or similar programs.

Bounce’s loyalty program is a bit of a different animal, simply rewarding you for being a good customer. Straight forward, no application necessary. Pay your bill on time and you’ll qualify for incentives from Bounce Energy.

Here’s the details in case you were curious:

  • Submit your payment online and receive a $5 instant bill
  • Sign up for auto pay with your credit card or bank account and
    receive a $50 bill credit after your 3rd successfully paid bill
  • Pay your bill on-time for 6 consecutive months and receive
    your choice of 2 movie tickets or a 1 year magazine subscription
    PLUS access to the Bounce Energy VIP Customer Service line
  • Pay your bill on-time for 12 consecutive months and receive a
    $75 bill credit
  • Pay your bill on-time for 24 consecutive months and receive a
    FREE month of electricity (
    calculated based on your
    average monthly bill from the previous 24 months)

Full details of each reward are sent via email. Also, certain rate plans are eligible for additional incentives, so be sure to read the terms of each carefully before signing up for service.

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