8 Tips for Maintaining your Air Conditioning

By Bouncey, July 20, 2009, Energy Efficiency, Home Improvement

  1. Ensure that your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is properly sized for your home and correctly installed. Bigger is not always better.
  2. At the beginning of cooler or warmer weather have a professional come out to inspect your HVAC system.
  3. Have your duct system checked for air leaks and proper insulation.
  4. Consider installing a “whole house fan” to improve circulation and ventilation throughout your home.
  5. Outside air conditioning units, or condensers, should be shaded.
  6. Check air filters once a month and replace at least every three
    months as dirty filters make your system run and work harder than
    necessary. If your air-conditioner is more than 15 years old, consider
    replacing it with a newer, more efficient model that can use up to 40%
    less energy than older models.
  7. Install a new programmable thermostat and set it to raise the
    temperature during the day when you’re not home, and to cool the house
    down before you arrive home. Properly used, a programmable thermostat
    can save 10-20% of your energy use.
  8. Proper ventilation reduces the temperature and moisture buildup,
    which can cause the air conditioner to work harder. Proper insulation
    with high R-value insulation will keep more cool air in the house.

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  1. Stephanie Smith says:

    The house I grew up in was in southern Utah, so the summers got pretty hot. My parents had a big fan that they would prop up against the window, and the circulation that it would cause cooled the house down in a matter of minutes. They were really handy and efficient, and they made sure that they were saving as much money as possible. My dad did quite a bit of ac repair around the house too, but he wasn’t afraid to call a contractor for help if he needed it. It inspired me to take good care of my house and save money too, and your article has really good advice to keep in mind when doing so. Thanks for sharing.