Renewable Energy: U.S. Potential

By energy_linguist, July 14, 2009, Energy Efficiency

Much ado has been made regarding the viability of wide scale renewable energy in America. In case you were wondering, Texas is the leading producer of wind energy in the states, so those of us here in the Lone Star state have access to a pretty wide variety of renewable energy plans depending on the area we reside.

But what about the potential for producing renewable energy in other states? The Energy Information Administration (EIA) provides a series of regional maps that detail the potential for geothermal, solar, wind resources and harvested fuelwood, offering specific data on each for each region displayed.

The EIA features maps of each of the nine U.S. Census Divisions and individual State maps of Alaska, California, and Hawaii. The only caveat is that the data was last updated in 2005, but it paints an interesting picture nonetheless.

Renewable Potential Maps

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