Why Should You Switch Retail Electric Providers?

By energy_linguist, August 6, 2009, Save Money

Deregulation and choice go hand-in-hand in the Texas electricity market, but often the specific benefits of switching aren’t really outlined, as opposed to a general consensus that switching and choice are a good thing.

So I’ve compiled a list of some of the questions to consider when shopping Texas electricity providers:

  • Will there be upfront costs for switching? (cancellation fee, deposit are most common)
  • Will potential savings on a lower cost electricity plan trump the expense of canceling the current plan?
  • There is no interruption in service, but will I be charged for a final meter reading with my current provider?
  • Am I happy with the current service and not the rates, or is it a combination of both?
  • Are renewable energy options important?
  • Would I prefer to lock in my price with a fixed rate plan or take advantage of potentially lower variable rates and the ability (not every plan or provider) to switch plans without fees?
  • Do I understand all of the details outline in the Terms of Service from my new provider?

In a nutshell, the essential questions you ask at the front end of the switching process will help you determine not only whether switching from your current Texas electric company is beneficial, but also whether the electricity providers in your area offer the incentives worth switching for.

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