By energy_linguist, October 26, 2009, Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR @ Home tips provides a room-by-room, interactive tour to learn what you can do during the fall months to save energy, money and help protect the
environment. It’s a rather unique approach, with each room offering unique tips on energy conservation.

For example, clicking on the office in the upper right corner of the home reveals a computer, desk lamp, wall plug and a few other common items that you can click to review energy-saving tips like:

  • Enabling the power management features on your computer.
  • Making sure vent connections are well sealed where they meet ceiling, walls and floor.

Room by room, the color renditions in each offer a feature-rich application that allows you to click and play and learn in real time interactivity, for those of us that are more visual learners.

The ENERGY STAR video podcast is also available at ENERGY STAR @ Home, offering advice from a home-improvement expert and energy-saving tips.

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